The Confluence of Analytics, Cloud and SaaS has the potential to drive Business Impacting Results within weeks instead of quarters that most businesses especially enterprises are used. Based on my experience of helping enterprise and medium enterprises achieve significant business benefits over the last 18 months here are a few scenarios to keep in mind to achieve such savings: 1) Your organization has business intelligence solutions that require manual effort for data cleansing for the reports to be meaningful. (Example sales analytics) 2) Your organization has processes that require manual intervention steps for transforming information. (Example pre-quoting and related estimation processes) 3) Your organization has information exchanged between multiple parties that need manual manipulation. (Example install base management) These are prime candidates for achieving quick benefits using latest data cleansing tools like Alteryx, Paxata combined with modern and business friendly advanced visualization tools such as Tableau. At the same time just having knowledge of this tools is not enough. To be truly successful here are a few important success factors to consider: a) Domain and functional expertise is a must to ensure that the solutions meet the needs of the business requirements b) Ability to pull data from existing systems and use above tools to transform the data using a Cloud SaaS platform (today’s google cloud platform and similar offerings for example already comes with enterprise level security) thus reducing the dependency on overworked IT staff c) Conduct a quick iterative Proof of concept to get stakeholder buy-in and then roll-out the solution to the masses (POC in few weeks and roll out last no longer than a quarter) Conclusion: Significant business benefits are there for the taking by adopting a focussed approach on identifying opportunities for Business Productivity and leveraging the available Analytics, Cloud, SaaS capabilities to close the gaps by quickly proving solutions and rolling them out at speeds normally not known before. The author and members of the Pluto7 team have been involved with several business impacting solution deployment in Bay Area. Based on their experiences the team has also just released a Cloud, SaaS product targeted for Supply Chain Demand Supply Balancing solution called as Planning in a box. For more blogs by the team go to  For details on our Cloud SaaS solution for Demand Supply balancing go to

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