Planning in a Box   has been showcased at the TC16, the largest Annual Tableau user conference gaining good traction. The uniqueness  of this SaaS offering is that it allows the user to complete their Supply Chain planning experience in a browser for any volume of data with machine learning enabled ( E.g. the likes of Amazon Recommendations or Netflix Movie Recommendations ) which now enterprises and SMB can enable for their own businesses. piab annoucnement at tc16-smaller1.jpg  

What Is Planning In A Box?

Planning in a Box is a Customer Insights and Supply Chain planning SaaS product on Cloud with the following capabilities
  • Predictive Analytics tailored for your business
  • Recommendations engine for customer insights with Machine Learning
  • Real-time analytics, purpose built for Supply Chain professionals
  • Inventory management mobile alerts with instant collaboration features
  • Simple to use built on GCP with Tableau embedded and with Paxata data cleansing!
Key Features: features.png circle.png phone-1.png   Watch announcement in Youtube :

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