The SaaS market is constantly in flux, and the following discussion will connect the dots of those changes to our own Planning in a Box SaaS product, which is currently in a controlled beta. As most of us already know, all the world is moving into Cloud based solutions and Gartner research indicates that just the SaaS market grew by 20.3% in 2016 to 37.7 Billion Dollars.  Further, IDC research predicts that the market is poised to surpass 112.8 Billion Dollars by 2019! Intellects at Pluto7 who come with 20-30 years with industry experience in Supply Chain / Planning / Forecasting areas have recently developed a SaaS solution that is easily configurable and very seamless to use, which we call Planning in A Box (PiAB). This solution is built on the Google Cloud Platform and it therefore tightly integrates with all other Google technology, like Google Sheets or Google Translate, etc. Planning in A Box solves day-to-day problems that planners face, including:
  • Multiple excel versions resulting in version control and governance issues
  • Different file formats all requiring transcription and manual work
  • Data from different business sources (e.g. Bookings, Sales and marketing)
  • Extremely Large volumes of data
Some of our key features are:
  • Data imports from different file formats
  • Data can be sliced and diced with integrations to Analytical tools
  • Data can be edited on the fly as there is constant need for planners to adjust the forecast
  • Approvals for each version of the forecast
  • Freezing of the data in time with the timestamp
  • Easy configuration allows what can be seen and what can not be seen by different teams like marketing, sales and planning teams
  • Built in intelligence that helps the sales and marketing teams
  • Quick data retrievals using Big Query
We’re very excited about our new product and we continue to encourage interested companies to give us a try for free.  We are actively soliciting input prior to our full production release early next year.  Interested?….

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