Proud Moment: Pluto7 got featured in Google Cloud Platform’s page – Machine Learning model for accurate demand forecast

We are excited to inform you that Google has featured us in it’s official Google Cloud Platform page. We are leveraging Google Cloud Platform for our SaaS Planning In A Box to create Machine Learning model for accurate demand forecast for SMBs selling products on Amazon, Shopify & other online and offline channels. What does it mean? It means that we as a team are moving in the right direction solving a humongous pain point. And getting validated by Google says it all. It’s not boasting, rather it shows what does it take to become a successful Google Partner. What are our future plans? We are continuously updating & improving Planning In a Box based on customer feedback(Sign up for a free trial) to accurately forecast demand. Moreover we are also hosting several events every month to help omnichannel businesses leverage Machine Learning & GCP for Demand Forecasting, Marketing & Sales and Value Chain ML. Here’s a list of all our events for March 18′:
  1. Marketing & Sales using Machine Learning & Ai – San Jose, 15th March
  2. Machine Learning & Ai for Demand Forecasting – New York – 30th March
If you are interested in a more extensive workshop for your team, click here for customised workshops. Check out all our case studies here. About Google’s robust Cloud Platform:
  • Delivers the most accurate demand forecasts to retailers.
  • Enables company to focus on new features and product development, instead of production problems.
  • Builds new features, such as chatbots, in one day instead of many.
  • Grows business by leveraging a reliable, scalable platform to deliver greater value.
The drive toward Google Cloud Platform was to get beyond performance bottlenecks and leverage Google machine learning on a cloud platform that scales and is cost effective.”
– Salil Amonkar, COO, Pluto7
It was so easy to deploy and test Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine without making any commitments or investments, especially since Google sweetens the deal with a credit for trying its services.”
– Nikhil John, CMO, Pluto7    

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