On a daily basis we are in discussions with customers, partners, vendors and employees on the disruption of cloud expected in technology sector. Like any other industries ( E.g. automobile in 1950’s ) we can expect winners and losers in this game of monopoly of cloud business. In 1910 when Ford released model T, many aspects of value, price and features in a car was determined by Henry Ford, within 100 years, the same company nearly went out of business in 2007 until they re-invented themselves in the following years. What happened? Industry transformed from a centralized to decentralized manufacturing, competition changed from local to global, costs fell dramatically and many more. The same was observed from Mainframe to client server transition in 1980’s ; IBM knows this very well. The question not about “will cloud impact companies, jobs, customer buying patterns, cost models, monetization models, stocks, value chain models in the tech  industry?” But question is about HOW MUCH and HOW SOON will the impacts be seen? Being deep in this space, we see change happening FASTER and impact being felt DEEPER. Pick any of your 5 favorite Tech companies today. In 5 years, at least 2 of them will not be your favorite most likely. When you trace back the reasons you will see the marks related to CLOUD.

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