Business Architecture

Business Architecture focuses on a set of principles that influence change management with customers who are in their cloud adoption journey.

We understand that for enterprises that are embarking on different stages of its cloud adoption journey there are no one-size-fits-all solutions and each enterprise has its own unique considerations. 

Our approach to Business Architecture

We guide you in each step of cloud enablement comprising of different levels of adoption in the cloud maturity scale depending on the state of your organization:

Tactical: The focus is on getting to the cloud with minimum disruption, but there is no provision for scale.

Strategic: The focus is on increasing the value of harnessing the cloud for business operations.

Transformational: In this stage organization is no longer a cost center with cloud adoption but has become instead a partner to the business.

Understanding your business with Business Architecture

Cloud Journey Mapping

It doesn't matter how your cloud journey looks like. We help you build one aligned with your ambitions and vision

Enterprise Solution Drafting

Co-create cloud solutions. Our solution architecture approach leverages Data Analytics, Machine Learning and AI to fuel your growth

Data-Driven Use Case Mapping

Define your challenges. Identify those use cases that can be solved leveraging Smart Analytics

Machine Learning and AI Strategy

Build a custom AI strategy, aligned with you goals and ambitions. Leverage AI and ML to improve efficiency and agility

Change Management

We help you build an effective change management and execution plan. Find the right change path while identifying the level of impact to be managed

Google Cloud Trainning

We provide highly-effective training services that will not only improve how you utilize Google Cloud’s tech stack, but enhance all aspects of your business operations

Customer Stories

Premier Google Cloud Partner for AI

Pluto7 leverages Google Cloud to ignite innovation. We transform how businesses build the future.


 Our AI-driven solutions drive digital transformation across manufacturing businesses and higher education institutions.


Our expertise in helping companies solve the toughest challenges led us to being recognized as the 2019 Google Cloud Specialization Partner of the Year Award for Data and Analytics.

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