Digital Marketing

Client Overview: Cisco

  • Cisco GCS (Virtual Digital Marketing team) had limited effective contact database
  • Unable to monitor the effectiveness and health of digital marketing campaigns by accounts/offers
  • Unable to direct the digital marketing campaigns for maximum effectiveness due to inability to effectively link customer and contact information

Implementation: June 2017

  • Need to obtain results from automated marketing campaigns with minimal headcount
  • Need to have targeted campaigns that are effective over multiple media streams
  • Need to measure the effectiveness of digital marketing and ensure that they lead to positive impact for lead to opportunity to order process
  •  The first aspect is for enriching the contacts and the linkage of the contacts to the customer repository.
  • The second aspect is to report on the effectiveness of the digital marketing campaigns with rich and easy to use visualizations
  • Using fuzzy logic and ML we were able to link significant % of unlinked contacts to customer (most of 6.7 million)
  • We provided the initial proof of concept that to potentially enable the refinement of the Global Customer ID groupings from a reference set of 29 million accounts in the customer repository
  • Using Tableau visualization executives and their teams are now able to determine the health of the digital marketing campaigns and also the effect of the engagement with the customers.