Google Cloud Platform Enables Renewal Quote Process in Minutes Instead of Weeks

A Google Cloud-based and analytics driven solution enabled the world’s largest networking company to improve its renewal quote process significantly from weeks to minutes, helping improve customer satisfaction and increase renewal revenue.

Challenges faced by the customer

  • Large install bases are problematic to review and validate before a quote can be generated
  • Install base output from current systems needed to be cleaned and validated manually
  • This caused tremendous delays in the generation of renewal quotes which frustrated the sales team and their customers
  • Manual process resulted in errors which resulted in revenue loss


  • Augment existing solutions with Google Cloud Platform by moving install base data into GCP
  • Leverage BigQuery with its immense processing power and powerful analytics to help automate the manual process steps
  • Leverage the app-engine and other GCP features to deploy an easy to use web UI for enabling validation of large install bases in minutes by business users

Benefits of the solution

  • Delivers validated install base for renewal quote creation in minutes
  • Enables a scalable platform to automate more business processes
  • Improves productivity, customer satisfaction and increases revenue

“We are extremely happy with the services we received from Pluto7. Their expertise in helping us document our processes has given us the ability to identify our transformational opportunities.”

—Don Nicholson, Service Provider Sales Operations Team

The customer

The core of the customer’s corporate strategy is to create solutions built on intelligent networks that solve their customers’ challenges, highlighting the customer’s focus on solving customer problems by aligning network infrastructure, and driving business transformation with analytics and Internet of Everything (IoE).

With the evolution of Cloud, Big Data and Analytics, the customer continues to explore the newer possibilities through innovation and transformation leveraging these for both internal and external stakeholder evolution.

The Service Provider Operations team is responsible for validating large install bases and coming up with renewal quotes that can be presented and finalized with their customer.

Despite already having sophisticated systems due to the size and complexity of the install bases that the customer constantly deals with, a lot of manual processing is required in order to ensure that the install base is validated thoroughly before a quote can be generated.

This came at price in terms of the time taken to complete the validation (weeks) and the resulting dissatisfaction and frustration on part of the customer’s sales team and their customers.

Manual processing led to errors and shortfalls which resulted in the loss of millions of dollars in revenue.

The customer was looking for the means to automate the process and decrease the validation period without having to wait on the prioritization of the project and the dependency on their IT department, that typically happens in large enterprises.

The solution:

Pluto7 with its expertise with Google Cloud Platform, as well as having domain knowledge in install base analytics and the renewal processing, worked with the customer to provide them with a scalable solution to automate the large install base validation process.

By leveraging the power of the Google Cloud Platform especially with its Big Data processing (Cloud Dataprep, Cloud Dataflow), Data Warehousing on the Cloud (BigQuery) and app-engine based capability for running a web UI, Pluto7 helped automate every manual step by analyzing the current manual process and mapping it to an automated series of steps using the Google Cloud Platform.

Pluto7’s expertise with Google Cloud Platform meant they brought in best practices around how to best leverage GCP for process improvements such as the usage of dataflow, BigQuery, along with web UI for high speed analytics to simulate workflow processing and detect exceptions and effectively handle them, speeding up the install base validation process.

As an example, some of the challenges faced within the customer team were the lack of python and node.js skill-sets and also the lack of familiarity with dataflow processing. By working with the customer team, Pluto7 decided to leverage java based UI (customer had java skill-sets) which drove the underlying dataflow processes to address this concern.

The following were the key capabilities that were provided by the solution:

  • Responsive and intuitive UI
  • Enterprise grade application framework
  • Scalable infrastructure since deployed in App engine
  • Auto detection of files placed in Cloud storage to be used for various conversion steps
  • Upload feature to allow users to upload files, if needed
  • Saves end results in BigQuery
  • Provides UI to download the results in various formats from BigQuery
  • Results in BigQuery enables integrated view from Tableau, Google Data Studio, etc.

Benefits of the Solution:

It reduced the time it took to process and validate large install bases from weeks to less than 50 minutes per install base.

This resulted in an extremely satisfied sales team and their customers.

  • Sales team was happy that they could be more proactive and go from estimate to closure of renewal order in a shorter period of time as a result of accurate estimates for renewal quotes
  • Sales team was relieved they did not have to worry about errors which were causing loss of revenue on renewals (in some cases these amounted to millions of dollars)
  • Customers were happy because they could plan for their spend on renewals earlier and did not have to worry about accuracy of the install base