Cloud DataOps

DataOps first. Data Analytics second. 

DataOps is all about improving your data quality and automating data flows. This methodology optimizes your analytics development, aligning it with your business goals.

Pluto7’s DataOps framework is simple, secure, and can be deployed in a hybrid-cloud environment. 





Service Catalog

Data Pipeline Optimization

Enable automated tasks to improve your data quality. Analyze the behavior of the data pipeline and detecting anomalies

ETL Routines Optimization

Automate and analyze your ETL routines leveraging the power of cloud computing

Data Management Roadmap

Redesign your data management processes and flows

DataOps Enablement

Execute smart DataOps strategies such as cloning, predictive analysis, automation, and much more

Data Visibility and Accessibility

Improve end-to-end visibility across your data management and analytics teams. Optimize communication and work processes

Data Workflow Automation

Automate the processing and summary of data analytics, eliminate errors, and access key business insights

Premier Google Cloud Partner for AI

Pluto7 leverages Google Cloud to ignite innovation. We transform how businesses build the future.


 Our AI-driven solutions drive digital transformation across manufacturing businesses and higher education institutions.


Our expertise in helping companies solve the toughest challenges led us to being recognized as the 2019 Google Cloud Specialization Partner of the Year Award for Data and Analytics.

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