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Reimagine Education with AI and Google Cloud

Higher Educational Institutions are shaping the next generation of the workforce by leveraging cutting edge technologies such as AI and ML. 

Enabling AI is key to creating unique digital learning experiences and boosting student success. Universities can build immersive learning experiences for deeper exploration and engagement. Redefine how your students learn, interact, and research.

Pluto7 AI-driven education solutions unlock the hidden value of your student engagement data. Our solutions leverage hundreds of ML models built on Google Cloud to simplify your data analytics process. 

Education AI Solutions

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    Education ML

    Education ML lets you deploy scalable AI-driven solutions to empower students, professors, and research teams.

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    Sentiment ML

    Sentiment ML leverages AI to quickly analyze your customers’ reviews, interactions across your online channels. Marketing teams can elevate the customer experience and optimize campaigns based on real customer feedback

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    Google Contact Center AI

    Enable 24/7 access to immediate conversational self-service, with seamless handoffs to live agents. Provide continuous online support while identifying intent and providing real-time assistance

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    Enterprise Search

    At Pluto7, we believe search needs to be reimagined. Therefore, we developed a new search methodology to help teams save time. Pluto7’s Seven Search Methodology (P7SM) reduces the number of labor hours spent on search, helping businesses make faster decisions based on reliable, accurate information.