Empowering Smart Analytics with SAP

Supercharge your Supply Chain

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Smart Analytics on SAP

Pluto7 helps customers enable a unique Smart Analytics framework, unleashing the power of ML and AI for automating decisions.


Our framework leverages unified SAP data combined with internal and external data sources. Also, our team blends  business architecture methodologies and deep domain expertise.


Pluto7 solutions co-exist with multiple data sources and input from SAP, Netsuite, salesforce, IoT devices, and more.

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    Pluto7 Solutions and Services Enabling Framework

    Focusing on SAP and its association with Google Cloud

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    Supply Chain Planning and Execution

    Smart Analytics powered with ML optimizing your supply chain

With Smart Analytics on SAP, Supercharge your Supply Chain

Supply chain analytics can help an organization make smarter, quicker and more efficient decisions. As technologies such as AI become more commonplace in supply chain analytics, companies may see an explosion of further benefits. This session is focused on understanding the need for enabling smart analytics in the supply chain, its benefits and vision for future digital transformation