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A.I. can enrich the learning of students as they master skills, languages and basic math. Empower students and research teams with Google Cloud

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Empower students and research teams with Google Cloud

Education ML helps you build immersive learning experiences for deeper exploration and engagement. It unleashes the power of Google Cloud and AI to redefine how your students learn, interact, and research.   

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    Student watch history & Advanced analytics

    From seamless video conferencing to real time video analytics on student engagement, our Education ML solution helps universities improve student success.  


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    Video translation & Spark notes

    Education ML enables real-time transcription and translation. It leverages Google Cloud video intelligence, speech-to-text and NLP to translate online classes and seminars.

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    Automate proctoring & Engagement detection

    Transforming education with Google Cloud video intelligence and vision and integrating distance learning platforms to collect real-time student behaviour data 

    This data can be harnessed to optimize your course content and improve your online learning experience.

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    Student & Contact Center AI

    Build and implement a customized Contact Center AI to give your students and faculty the answers they need at the right time.  leveraging DialogFlow to provide up-to-date information via chat or text.

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