Inventory Management Reimagined

Inventory ML leverages AI to define the status of the inventory regardless of your warehouse location. It shows whether the inventory at a particular warehouse is accurate or not.

Supply chain teams can predict supply quantities and manage stock more efficiently.

Inventory ML offers geo spatial visualization and can be used by any company who manages inventory from multiple warehouses.



Benefits of Inventory ML

Accurate Inventory Status

Inventory ML shows the inventory from all of your warehouses, regardless of their geo location.


Additionally, the predicted inventory and the actual inventory can be tracked based on location, product category, and geo spatial map.

Inventory Planning at Scale

Inventory ML helps supply chain teams optimize their inventory planning based on the actual and predicted results achieved.


This feature is relevant when it comes to managing disruptions generated after the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Optimized Production Cycle

Inventory ML leverages AI to optimize the production cycle and make it more efficient.


When a company knows its manufacturer’s lead times, its warehouse receiving timelines, and stock levels of each product, the company can work efficiently with its suppliers and deliver a better customer experience.

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