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To forecast the selling price of a product through ML

Pricing ML is a Machine Learning solution built to forecast the selling price of a product. It helps you maintain the right price of the product by analyzing your previous sales and profit data.

Applying Smart Analytics and ML to identify the right pricing strategy will have a direct impact on your revenue and operations. We help you harness the power of your data to reimagine pricing

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Maximize your marketing performance and create the best customer experience

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    Recommending a proper pricing strategy

    Pricing ML uses a combination of AI-driven and Smart Analytics models to recommend a proper pricing stratergy. Build lists of products based on past sales value/profit and recommend selling price intended to maximise your marketing ROI.

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    Break your Pricing Data Silos

    Pricing ML unlocks the power of your Pricing data. It is time to break your data silos to gain real-time customer insights. Leverage Google Cloud and its machine learning technology to spot meaningful trends in purchase behavior.

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    Maintaining the right price

    By checking the trends of a products sales and profit, we forecast the price of a product to be high priced or low priced to maintain the sales equilibrium. Pricing ML redefines data-driven Pricing as the key to competitive differentiation.

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