Sentiment ML

Analyzes texts for polarity, from positive to negative by training machine learning tools giving end to end visibility to enterprises

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Understand how your customers feel about your products

Sentiment analysis plays an important role when your customers are reviewing your products and experiences online.

Sentiment ML leverages AI to quickly analyze your customers’ reviews, ratings, and comments posted across your online channels. It empowers companies to create unique customer experiences and build products that customers love

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    Increase Customer Satisfaction

    Inspect your customer feedback and identifies the prevailing subjective opinion, determining a customer’s attitude as Positive, Negative, or Neutral, defining key areas for improvement to increase Customer Satisfaction

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    Reimagine your Customer Experience

    Built on Google Cloud, using different NLP and Text Analysis helps understand how your customer feel about products to deliver  real value by creating unique customer experiences 

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    Built for all

    Sentiment ML was created for retailers and businesses with presence in the e-commerce space. Can be leveraged by different teams, including product, marketing, and customer success teams. 

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