Value Chain ML

Describing the sequence of steps through which companies take raw materials and add value to them, resulting in a finished, commercially viable product

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Unleash holistic intelligence from your data

Intelligently connect unrelated functions of business, right from procurement,  production, marketing to after-sales services.

Your business functions would no more work in silos. With this solution, you will get a clear understanding of what customer needs, how they feel about your other products and when they will be ready to make the purchase. All this even before the product is manufactured. At the same time, you can gain accurate forecasts on your supply, demand, and inventory situations.

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    Break your Data

    Break data silos by bringing data from different unrelated sources together and enable global as well as function specific insights.

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    Understand product

    Understanding the complete product journey by gaining granular insights from procurement to marketing and after-sales services. 

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    Unlock hidden capabilities of your business functions by enabling a tighter integration between supply chain, production, marketing and after-sales service.

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    Helps to drive higher revenue and reduce potential opportunity loss due to inaccurate planning on different levels in organisation chain.

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