Marketing Transformation - Deeper Customer understanding

Unleash the power of your data to understand buying behaviors

Understanding the customer journey is all about analyzing more data, faster.

Many marketers try to “skip ahead” to a single view of the customer, but there is tremendous value to be gained simply by making data more accessible. 

Pluto7 AI-driven solutions help marketers get more access to customer data and spot meaningful trends in purchase behavior. 



Marketing Transformation Solutions

  • Marketing ML

    Marketing ML  help marketing team deploy scalable AI-driven solutions for dynamic segmentation, product recommendation, and much more.



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  • Sentiment ML

    Sentiment ML leverages AI to quickly analyze your customers’ reviews, interactions across your online channels.

    Marketing teams can elevate the customer experience and optimize campaigns based on real customer feedback

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  • Value Chain ML

    Value Chain ML is a comprehensive solution that is built on Google Cloud Platform. It intelligently connects unrelated functions of business, starting from procurement to production, and from marketing to after-sales services.

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Solution Benefits

  • Personalize the customer experience

    Pluto7 Solutions analyze your customer interactions at scale. Delivering a seamless customer experience across all channels is possible with our AI-driven marketing solutions.

  • Fully understand your customer journey

    Get more access to customer data and spot meaningful trends in purchase behavior to inform decision-making.




  • Increase value delivered

    Deliver tangible value across all your channels. Understanding how your customers feel about your products is key when it comes to optimizing your customer journey.


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