Pluto7 along with Google builds your Data Management Platform (DMP). Following are the steps in building your Marketing ML:-
  1. Build your DMP.
  2. Joining your data silos in Google Cloud.
  3. Adding external/third party datasets to your current data.
  4. Understanding your use cases. Initial use cases could be propensity analysis, optimizing your Ad spends, traffic optimizations or forecasting traffic in segments for your ad placements.
  5. Building the model / ML algorithm.
  6. Creating an API for multiple teams across the organization to use the ML models built.
Pluto7 has built proven pre-configured Marketing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning model(s) that works on Google Cloud Platform that helps accelerate the ability of an enterprise for the most effective marketing campaigns. Typical inputs into these models are:
  • Ads campaign data - Adwords & Programmatic Purchases
  • Analytics Data - Google Analytics & Adobe Analytics with end to end attribution. We understand the
  • Transaction/Purchase history of customers
  • Email campaign data - Marketing cloud data
  • Social Media feeds insights
  • Anonymous visitors
  • Customer journey related data
Output is a recommendation for contact, recommended media, Up Sell , Cross Sell and timing. Duration - 2-Day workshop followed by 30 days POC showcasing basic working ML model.