Pluto7 has built the 4 key models that represent the foundation elements of managing a Value Chain within the enterprise. In addition Pluto7 has a proven set of methods and algorithms in how the Marketing, Demand, Supply and Pricing ML algorithms and models work together to optimize the entire operation within an Enterprise Value Chain to maximize Revenue, Profits and Service Levels in a combination as desired by the enterprise. Typical inputs into the Value Chain ML models are as follows:
  • Marketing related inputs
  • Demand related inputs
  • Supply related inputs
  • Desired Time Period for Value Chain Optimization
  • Optimizing Characteristics (i.e Revenue, Profits, Service Levels)
Output is a ranked list recommendations for Marketing, Demand Planning, Supply Planning, Supply Management and Pricing to drive better profitability and better quality of service. Duration - 2-Day workshop followed by 30 days POC showcasing basic working ML model.