Pluto7’s Smart-Analytics platform empowers a new level of intelligence.

We deliver AI-driven innovation through custom services and solutions. Our passion is to solve global-scale problems, leveraging Smart Analytics and AI in a simple way.

Each innovation journey is different. It does’t matter how complex yours is, we will meet you where you are. .

  • Machine Learning & AI

  • Data Warehouse

Smart Analytics

Innovation and intelligence to fuel your growth

Pluto7 Tech Services

Machine Learning and AI

We know businesses who are looking to utilize machine learning and AI sit on a broad spectrum: some are seeking transformation or competitive advantage, and some simply want to build a data-driven future. 

Over the years, Pluto7 has helped large and small customers experience meaningful business impact through the implementation of Smart Analytics.

Our Machine Learning and AI framework is what powers Pluto7’s Smart Analytics platform. 


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Data Warehouse

Modernize your existing data warehouse or build a new one. Leveraging Google Cloud, we enable a highly scalable, enterprise data warehouse solution. 

Pluto7’s Data Warehouse framework is serverless, scalable, cost-effective, and offers real-time insights.


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Application Development

Build cloud-native applications in today’s multi-cloud world and modernize them for better scalability and performance. 

Our App Development framework includes re-platforming, re-hosting, recoding, re-architecting, re-engineering. It also enables interoperability, replacing and modernizing applications efficiently.

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Business Architecture

Pluto7’s business architecture approach is unique and multi-cloud friendly. 

From designing your migration strategy to drafting your cloud architecture, we help you build and launch your innovation journey successfully. 

 Your business, goals, and ambitions come first, then technology.


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Google Cloud Enablement and Support

Pluto7 designed a Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) engagement model to launch your innovation journey faster. 

Following this methodology, we build a custom vision blueprint and implementation plan, monitor operations, enable real-time team management, and provide extended support.


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Pluto7 Value-added Services

Cloud Costs Optimization

Scale up and down, all while keeping your operational costs low. We simplify cloud payments and manage your cloud costs efficiently

Data & App Migration

Moving your data and applications to the cloud is the first step of the journey. We help you make it a success

Collaboration & Productivity

Collaborate, innovate, and share ideas faster. As a Google Cloud reseller, we help you move to Google Cloud efficiently

Cloud DataOps & MLOps

Increase data quality. Optimize your analytics and machine learning development

What is the implementation journey?

  • A


    Define the dream. Identify key use cases. Set success criteria and KPIs

  • B


    Test your vision. Co-build your first ML model to validate your use cases and KPIs

  • C


    Define the dream. Enable your first ML and AI workloads on Google Cloud.

  • D


    It is time to scale. Accelerate your innovation journey efficiently and successfully.

  • E


    Your vision is a reality.
    KPIs achieved. This is just the beginning of your data-driven journey!


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