Supply Chain Analytics

Transformational supply chain analytics for high growth businesses.

We provide Artificial Intelligence – Machine Learning driven demand forecasting for high forecast accuracy and supply chain management for high service delivery at optimized costs

Most companies view Machine Learning as a technology wizardry and fail. While this seems simple, it is hard and is a paradigm shift. What’s important is knowing how to capture the data and how do you store it, what algorithms are used, how to select the model, how do you judge if the model works or not.

AI-ML driven Demand Forecasting for high forecast accuracy

AI-ML driven Supply Chain Management for High Service Delivery at optimized costs
We provide business transformational services leveraging advanced analytics based on AI-ML across the enterprise.

We work on technologies across platforms:-

Google Cloud Platform
Google Big Query
Google Cloud Dataflow
Google Cloud Dataproc
Google Machine Learning
Google Data Prep
Google Advanced Solutions Lab
Google Data Studio

Based on our experienced of having successfully worked on implementing machine learning and artificial intelligence based solutions we highly recommend the crawl, walk and run approach for those organizations desiring to implement such solutions.