STEP11-Day Discovery Workshops

Create, Learn and Innovate with Pluto7 and Google Cloud.

Pluto7 team combines customer focus, domain expertise & Google Cloud technical competency to successfully guide you through the entire AI Journey. Starting with an innovation day followed by multiple machine learning workshops to help you define your digitization strategy. 

STEP2POC and Prototyping

Our team helps you develop solutions that either improve existing ecosystems or create new ones to increase business value.

STEP3AI & Analytics Solutions Deployment

Pluto7 helps you build, migrate, and deploy Smart Analytics Application on Google Cloud (GCP). Our goal is to help you in your Business Transformation journey in Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail, and Hi-Tech. We help enterprises identify the right business use cases and associated workloads to migrate to Google Cloud for leveraging AI & ML.

STEP4Workforce Enablement

If you are new to Google Cloud (GCP) or Machine Learning, our team has extensive Google Cloud and technical expertise to help you start your digital transformation. We have created strategic machine learning training and educational tools to get your team onboard.

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