Reimagine inventory management with AI

When a company knows its manufacturer’s lead times, its warehouse receiving timelines, and stock levels of each product, the company can work efficiently with its suppliers and deliver a better customer experience.

Pluto7 provides scalable, ready-to-deploy solutions to manage your inventory more accurately. Access to real-time retention analytics to optimize your production cycle, inventory status, and deliveries. 

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Supply Chain Solutions

  • Supply ML

    Ensure the overall supply planning success. Supply ML unleashes the power of your supply chain data to keep your inventory balanced while meeting your customer needs.

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  • Inventory ML

    Inventory ML leverages AI to define the status of the inventory regardless of your warehouse location. 

    Demand planning teams can predict supply quantities and manage stock more efficiently.

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  • Logistics ML

    Logistics ML leverages the power of  Google AI to help you optimize your fulfillment processes.

    It makes your paperwork much easier and faster. 

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  • Value Chain ML

    Value Chain ML is a comprehensive solution that is built on Google Cloud Platform. It intelligently connects unrelated functions of business, starting from procurement to production, and from marketing to after-sales services.

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Solution Benefits

  • Faster fulfillment with document AI


    Leverage the power of AI to optimize your fulfillment and information management processes.

  • Manage complex and unpredictable fluctuations

    Understand new patterns in your supply chain data to source the quantity of products more accurately.


  • Deliver the right product at the right time

    Leverage our solutions to modernize inventory management systems and evolve your dynamic assortment planning.

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Premier Google Cloud Partner for AI

Pluto7 leverages Google Cloud to ignite innovation. We transform how businesses build the future.


Our AI-driven solutions drive digital transformation across manufacturing businesses and higher education institutions.


Pluto7’s expertise in helping companies solve the toughest challenges led us to being recognized as the 2019 Google Cloud Specialization Partner of the Year Award for Data and Analytics.

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