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Patient care evolves with AI, leveraging data Interoperability with Google Cloud Healthcare API integration

February 4, 2021 | Mariale Mendoza

Blog / Patient care evolves with AI, leveraging data Interoperability with Google Cloud Healthcare API integration

Patient care evolves with AI, leveraging data Interoperability with Google Cloud Healthcare API integration

AI enabling better patient care leveraging data insights is making its way into every aspect of healthcare systems. Pluto7’s Healthcare services and ML solutions are empowering the healthcare industry to be more predictive and proactive towards improving the overall patient experience. Leveraging key machine learning capabilities, this solution can impersonate the human cognition integration process and help analyze complex data sets. It provides prompt benefits to the processes that are standardized on a large scale. These solutions and services rely on a lot of data which exists across systems designed by various vendors needing data exchange. Interoperability hence continues to become critical in delivering impactful healthcare solutions. Following sections describe the various use cases which either currently or in the future will rely on stronger interoperability as the need to exchange data across systems and platforms increases. 

Healthcare embracing machine learning capabilities

There are several developments that are majorly noticed in the healthcare industry over the past few months, solving the interoperability being the topmost among those. As per Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, Inc. (HIMSS), the definition of interoperability is stated as the ability of different information technology systems and software applications to communicate and exchange data. The patients’ data exchange in particular is focused on the increase in Health IT systems. The concept came about for the reason that the patients could have better visibility to their problems to which the healthcare system could respond on time with these specialized frameworks that used machine learning capabilities, defined by the implementation of Healthcare API by Google Cloud. 

Health Level Seven (HL7) is the Global Standards Developing Organization which is responsible for providing standards for healthcare interoperability. The Google Cloud Healthcare API is a route to intelligent analytics with machine learning competencies in Google Cloud. This is achieved with pre-built connectors for streaming data processing in Dataflow, scalable analytics with BigQuery, and ML with AI platforms. The Cloud Healthcare API is supported by Google Cloud’s security and privacy features which are HIPAA compliant. It is integrated with existing healthcare applications to ingest the HL7v2 messaging by interacting via fully managed REST APIs and web-friendly JSON format.

The attributes of the Cloud Healthcare API not just include being compliant with HIPAA but is also certified with HITRUST CSF. It provides a web-native, serverless scaling enhanced by Google Cloud’s infrastructure. 

Additionally, the Cloud Healthcare API is integrated with Google Cloud’s Apigee. The features of Apigee makes it ecosystem-ready and easy to use:

  • Pre-built healthcare assets
  • Compete developer experience 
  • Pre-deployed FHIR APIs
  • OAuth Integration 
  • Seamless communication with App Management


The API-based ecosystem of Google Cloud is equipped with data interoperability to minimize the frictions in healthcare. Through the Healthcare Readiness Interoperability Program, Google Cloud is set to understand the current state of a patient’s data and map the path of standardization and integration. Pluto7’s Healthcare ML combined with our services is well structured to enhance the clinical workflows for optimizing healthcare procedures in addition to revamping the billing and payment determinations. 

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