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Planning in a Box 3.0
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Decision Intelligence Platform that streamlines your entire supply chain – from S&OP to demand forecasting and inventory positioning. Planning in a Box connects your Marketing, Sales, Supply Chain, and Finance data with 250+ external datasets for real-time, actionable insights. Enhance productivity, decision-making and customer experience with intelligent insights powered by Pi- your AI planning agent.

Google Cloud Cortex-Enabled Data Platform

Get real-time business insights in 14 days or less.

Pi: Planning Intelligence

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Planning in a Box Augments your Data with 250+ Google Datasets and External Datasets to Unlock Real-Time Insights

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Platform Setup and Success: Scale As You Grow with Our Subscription Model

Perfect for businesses at any stage, Planning in a Box evolves to meet your changing needs. Begin with a one-time setup fee and enjoy uninterrupted access to innovations, customizations, feature upgrades, enhancements, and support throughout its lifetime.


Advanced Analytics to Maintain Optimal Stock Levels


End to End S&OP Planning Connecting Processes in Real-Time


Complete Sales, Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain Visibility

Intelligent Inventory Lifecycle Management Leveraging Supply ML

No Stockout. No Excess. Maintain Optimal Levels.


Elevate your inventory management with Supply ML Solution on Planning in a Box, where automation meets optimization. Experience a unified, real-time view of your inventory across every channel and location, swiftly identifying stockouts and overstocks. Leverage cutting-edge features like demand shaping, inventory pooling, and just-in-time (JIT) ordering. Seize control of your supply chain with GenAI Agent Pi in less than 48 hours and make empowered decisions that meet customer demand.

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Reduction in Inventory Carryover Costs

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Improvement in Forecast Accuracy

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Improvement in Gross Margins


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Market Guide for Analytics and Decision Intelligence Platforms in Supply Chain

Your Supply Chain, Supercharged with Pi Agent


Demand Sensing & Forecasting

Accurate demand predictions to align inventory with market demand, minimizing stock issues. Improve Forecast Accuracy by more than 20% Read more…


Network Optimization

Plan optimal paths, reduce travel time for inventory, and minimize fuel consumption. Reduce Network Complexity by 15%. Read more…


Sales & Operations Planning

Set realistic sales targets, allocate resources, and create dynamic pricing strategies. Read more…


Supplier Performance

Monitor supplier performance, and address quality or delivery issues with real-time alerts and proactive measures. Improve Efficiency by 30%. Read more…


Marketing Optimization

Run hyper-personalized, targeted campaigns to reach your customers at the right time with the right offer. Boost Marketing ROI by 25%. Read more…


Warehouse Visibility

Track inventory levels, monitor shipment statuses, identify potential bottlenecks, and optimize inventory placement. Reduce warehouse operating costs by 10-30%. Read more…


Production Planning

Determine ideal lot sizes using forecasts and lead times to prevent stockouts and increase satisfaction. Improve Production Efficiency by 30%. Read more…


Customer Experience

Predict needs, personalize experiences, and deliver right product at the right time to delight your customers. Read more…


Predictive Maintenance

Predict equipment failure, generate timely alerts for maintenance team signaling impending failure. Save 15-30% of Maintenance Cost. Read more…


Document Understanding

Processes unstructured data (PDF, Outlook emails, text files) to drive deeper insights helping businesses make better decisions.


Inventory Positioning

Optimize inventory placement in real-time, reducing carrying costs and improving service. Reduce Inventory Costs by 20-50%. Read more…


Unmatched Speed & Efficiency:
Robust Data Platform Powering Pre-Packaged Solutions

Enable GenAI Agent Pi in Less than 48 Hours for Faster Insights

Experience seamless performance and control with Google Cloud Cortex Framework, a game-changing innovation. Take advantage of the robustness and scalability of Planning in a Box while extending its capabilities with platform on platform architecture. Our adaptable glass-box methodology and extensive integration capabilities present infinite possibilities for every individual in your organization. Scale as you grow. Innovate and adapt quickly with flexible, composable, prepackaged solutions.

Get ROI in 4 Weeks or Less


Stay Connected On The Go:
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Convenience meets Innovation: Experience the future of supply chain optimization with Planning in a Box app, crafted for the discerning leaders seeking efficiency and intelligence on demand.

Your Biggest Platform Lifecycle Challenges–Solved

Leave the heavy-lifting to us! Our Managed Services in DataOps, MLOps, and AIOps are designed to tackle your business challenges, ensuring you focus solely on your business goals while we handle the rest.

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    Data Foundation

    Build a strong, structured, scalable base to manage, store, and utilize data


    Data Migration

    Move SAP, Oracle EBS, Netsuite, Salesforce data to BigQuery for data analysis


    Data Integration

    Blend your internal data with external data sets to uncover real-time insights


    Data Governance

    Implement robust policies to ensure data integrity, security, and compliance

Success Stories

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    Tacori achieved better order planning and marketing analytics with Google Cortex, Generative AI, and Looker.

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    Lixil implemented Preventive Maintenance Machine Learning Models leveraging Google Cortex, Vertex AI, and Generative AI.

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    Ulta Beauty deployed ML models to accurately predict the delay and quantity of their products using Google Cortex, Vertex AI, and Looker.

Transform Your Business with Planning in a Box: Leverage Pi Agent to Accelerate Supply Chain Transformation