Transform Your Supply Chain Planning and Marketing Strategies with Google Cloud and SAP Integration

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Deploy Generative AI Platform in Just 2 Hours

Turn Your Retail Data Into Your Biggest Advantage with Decision Intelligence and Generative AI

Revolutionize your retail game with the power of unified data sources and Generative AI for instant insights and faster decision-making. Sense demand as it unfolds with 250+ external signals, including Google Trends. Streamline your inventory for reduced stockouts and excess. Optimize product assortment and merchandising, ensuring a personalized, tailored journey for evolving customer needs.

Google Cloud Cortex-Enabled Data Platform

02 hours

Deploy in 2 hours on your cloud instance

250+ External Signals

Integrates with 250+ External Signals

04 Weeks

Generative AI-powered insights in 4 weeks or less

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Every Shelf and Every Counter in Every Store, Now Directly Reports to You

From the busiest aisles in the largest fashion store to the quiet corners of home furnishing’s digital shelves, get the complete inventory picture at a glance. Stay one step ahead, always ready to meet your customers' needs!

  • Empowerment Across Teams
    From supply chain to marketing, sales to finance, our low-code Gen AI platform brings immediate, actionable insights to every corner of your organization.
  • Source Agnostic Approach
    Whether your data comes from Oracle, Salesforce, SAP, or Netsuite, our data platform provides a unified, comprehensive view of your retail operations.
  • Customization and Transparency
    With our Glassbox methodology, you get full transparency and flexibility to customize your data platform, meeting your evolving retail needs.
  • Effortless Data Transformation
    Our Gen AI solutions, built on Google Cloud's Cortex Framework, enable swift transformation of your data into actionable insights.

Your Retail Challenges, Simplified in Seconds

We work with customers across Fashion & Apparel, Home Furnishing, Supermarkets, and beyond, helping them become the go-to choice for consumers worldwide.

Overall Inventory


What's my current inventory status of leather handbags across all locations?" or "What's the quantity of designer jeans I have on hand?" Get instant answers with Planning in a Box.

Pinpoint Stock


"Which location has the highest excess inventory?" or "Which locations are frequently facing stock-outs for floral dresses?" Discover how your stock status impacts your sales with Planning in a Box.



Get answers to critical questions like "Which products are at risk of overstocking?" or "How is overstocking affecting my storage costs?" and receive practical recommendations to minimize overstock issues.



"What are the implications of my vendor-managed inventory?" or "Are there potential issues with my current vendor?" Gain comprehensive insights into your vendor management with Planning in a Box.

Demand Sensing &
Dynamic Inventory


Accurately predict customer demands and maintain optimal stock levels. Spot a sudden demand spike? Ask Planning in a Box for the best course of action, and it guides you to avoid overstock and stock-out situations.



"Is my inventory likely to reach its destination on time?" or "How would a delay affect my stock levels?" Get these forecasts and more with Planning in a Box

Captivate & Convert: Strategic Merchandising for Your Fashion Store Success

  • Tell Story With Your Display

    From window displays to in-store vignettes, craft immersive experiences. Leverage data-driven planograms to strategically position your products, bringing trends to life.

  • Cross-Sell With Confidence

    Strategically place belts, scarves, or shoes near their matching pieces. With a smart recommendation engine, analyze customer purchase history, browsing behavior to tailor recommendations.

  • Personalize Customer Experience

    Let technology enhance customer engagement. Strategically guide customers to try additional looks, offer styling tips, provide virtual try-on experience, making shopping a joyful experience.

  • Empower Your Staff

    Forget boring spreadsheets and frantic stockroom searches! Equip your fashion team with enhanced inventory visibility to take customers through personalized shopping journeys that boost sales and leave smiles in their wake.

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Turn Your Raw Data Into Actionable Insights Faster

Success Stories

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    Levi's Balanced Inventory with 90% Packaging Accuracy

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    Tacori Improved Forecast by Unifying Marketing Analytics

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    California Design Den Cut Inventory Carryover Cost by 50%

Thrive Amidst Disruptions and Uncertainty

Tap into your enterprise data like never before. Utilize Generative AI for actionable insights, that let you spot trends, optimize inventory, and fine-tune operations.