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with Pluto7’s GCP-Centric Security Solutions

Leverage Pluto7’s Comprehensive Security Solutions on Google Cloud

Experience top-notch security protection with Pluto7’s Google Cloud security solutions. As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, we offer expertise and innovative technology to tackle digital threats confidently. Focus on insights from Pluto7’s Data Platform while we ensure comprehensive security and peace of mind.

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Experience Comprehensive Security with Pluto7 and Google Cloud Platform

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Data Security

Harness powerful tools like Cloud Data Loss Prevention, Cloud Key Management, Confidential Computing, and Secret Manager, backed by Pluto7’s Data Platform.

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Infrastructure Security

Utilize Google Cloud’s Cloud VPN, IAM, Cloud NAT, and VPC Service Controls, ensuring your infrastructure remains secure while you focus on deriving insights from Pluto7’s Data Platform.

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People-Centric Security

Leverage Cloud Identity, Identity Platform, Identity-aware Proxy, and Google IAM to maintain secure access across your organization.

The Cornerstones of Security on Google Cloud

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End-to-End Asset and Application Control

Harness the power of Cloud Console for seamless management and monitoring of assets and applications, streamlining your organization's security processes.


Comprehensive Identity Management

Leverage Cloud Identity to manage, monitor, and defend user devices and applications across your organization.


Centralized security Management

Achieve GCP-managed security services with automated alerting for internal and external risks, ensuring constant vigilance and rapid response.


Robust Defense Against Cyber Attacks

Utilize Cloud Armor for security policies and proactive defense against cyber threats, safeguarding your valuable data and infrastructure.


Unwavering Compliance and Auditing

Embrace compliant-ready security architectures with constant compliance checks and auditing, meeting local, national, and global regulatory standards.

Your Strategic Advantage on Google Cloud


Deep Engineering Relationship with Google Cloud

Benefit from our strong partnership with Google Cloud and expertise in implementing advanced security solutions.


AI-Enabled Threat Hunting

Unleash advanced, AI-driven threat hunting and automated response management, staying one step ahead of emerging cyber risks.


End-to-End Managed Security

Experience peace of mind with our comprehensive security solutions, allowing you to focus on deriving insights from Pluto7’s Data Platform.


Automated Security Solutions and GCP Native Tools Management

Our Advanced Managed Detection and Response Solutions (MDR) provide threat prediction, detection, and response, ensuring proactive cybersecurity.


Global Expertise in GCP Managed SOC Services

Benefit from our Security Operations Center (SOC) services and solutions, along with complementary GCP Security Assessment Workshops.


Dedicated DevSecOps on Google Cloud Portfolio

Rely on our dedicated DevSecOps expertise for seamless security integration into your development and operational processes.

Continuous Monitoring and Rapid Response

Managed Security Services


  • Benefit from round-the-clock monitoring of your devices, data, networks, platforms, applications, VMs, and servers on Google Cloud.
  • Track assets with embedded alerts, AI-ML-behavior analytics, and cloud-native cybersecurity tools.

Mean Time To Detection And Repair

  • Reduce mean time to detection and mean time to repair with Advanced Managed Detection and Response on Google Cloud—access in-depth incident analysis for data-enriched security decision-making.

Incident and Access Management

  • Assess security and architecture access roles along with the entire organization with ease on GCP.
  • Implement Zero Trust Security Model and manage Identity and Access on the cloud with Cloud Identity, Identity Platform, Identity-aware Proxy, and Google IAM.

Google Security Command Center

  • Leverage the Google Security Command Center to defend all GCP assets.
  • The Risk Protection Program to gain access to an exclusive cybersecurity management and insurance program.

Advanced Threat Intelligence

  • Integrate advanced threat intelligence powered by industry-leading platforms such as Microsoft, OSINT, STI&TAXI, and MISP.
  • Adopt smart threat hunting, deep cybersecurity analytics, predictive alerting, and preventive maintenance through proprietary AI-driven automation solutions.

Success Stories of Secure Digital Transformation

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    Leading Jewelry Brand tackled data security using GCP tools - VPN, IAM, Secret Manager, Identity, Proxy, and KMS.

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    ARG Group enhanced security & compliance using Pluto7's solutions.

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    CDD boosted security with Pluto7's solutions, utilizing Cloud Console, Network Intelligence Center, and Network Telemetry.

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Unleash the Full Potential of
Google Cloud Security with Pluto7

Harness the power of Pluto7’s deep engineering relationship with Google Cloud and our extensive security expertise. Embrace complete security and peace of mind while focusing on deriving valuable insights from Pluto7’s Data Platform. Secure your digital future with our GCP-centric security solutions tailored to your unique needs.