Transform Your Supply Chain Planning and Marketing Strategies with Google Cloud and SAP Integration

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Transform Healthcare using AI-enhanced
decision-making and predictive analytics

Meet the future of healthcare. Our Google Cloud Cortex-enabled Data Platform - Planning in a Box seamlessly combines your ERP, Salesforce & EHR data to unlock the power of AI, transforming patient care, workflows, and efficiency like never before.

Get real-time business insights in 14 days or less.

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Google Cloud
Cortex-Enabled Platform

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Leverage Google Adtech Datasets
for Marketing Analytics

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SAP Silver Partner Status in
the PartnerEdge Program

AI-Powered Data Platform for Healthcare

Discover the power of our AI-Powered Data Platform, designed to work alongside your existing systems, not replace them. Unlock stunning benefits and insights for the healthcare industry that go beyond SAP.

  • Seamlessly integrates with your current systems for added insights
  • Enhances patient care through predictive and proactive analytics
  • Accelerates innovation and adaptability in a rapidly evolving industry
  • Empowers data-driven decision-making with advanced AI capabilities
  • Reduces operational costs with intelligent automation and optimization

Google Cloud Cortex-Enabled Data Platform for Data Teams

Leverage our Google Cloud Cortex-Enabled Data Platform, designed to supercharge your data team’s efficiency and elevate your healthcare organization.

  • Accelerates SAP data transformation with secure, seamless automation
  • Enhances data management capabilities with Google Cloud methodology
  • Offers unmatched security, scalability, and reliability through Cortex
  • Drives innovation and performance across your data teams
  • Trust our expertise as doubly certified partners of SAP and Google Cloud

Experience the transformative power of our Cortex-Enabled Data Platform and unlock a world of unparalleled efficiency for your data teams.

Empower Healthcare with Predictive and Proactive Insights Through Data Analysis


Deploying AI and Extensive
Automation for Healthcare Transformation


Integrated Data: Breaking Down Silos with SAP & Salesforce

Stop struggling with siloed data. With Planning in a Box, you can effortlessly integrate SAP & Salesforce data for a complete, unified view. Make better, data-driven decisions and watch your healthcare organization thrive.


Bespoke Patient Care: Powered by AI & ML

Experience the power of AI & ML. Planning in a Box creates tailor-made therapies and precision medicine that work wonders. Plus, with continuous lifestyle monitoring, patients enjoy healthier behaviors and truly personalized treatment.


Diagnostics & Treatment: Supercharged with AI

Welcome to the future – AI-powered diagnostics and treatment. Planning in a Box leverages machine learning to speed up diagnoses, optimize treatment plans, and deliver life-saving preventive care like never before.


Clinical Workflows: Simplified and Streamlined

Why waste time and resources? Planning in a Box simplifies clinical workflows by optimizing recruitment, matching, and billing processes. Get ready for peak operational efficiency and a healthier bottom line.

Case Studies

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    Pluto7, together with USC's medical school and Google Cloud, uses machine learning to simplify clinical trial management and speed up Medicare analysis, saving time and money.

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    Pluto7 helps healthcare organizations assess data interoperability and create a phased plan for improvement, preparing for new ONC and CMS regulations.

  • blogs

    Pluto7 and Google Cloud are working with DxTerity to create a platform that speeds up the development of medical tests and treatments using genetic information.

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Raise the Bar for
Patient Experience with Pluto7

Leverage Pluto7’s data transformation expertise to revolutionize patient care. Seamlessly integrate SAP data with our Planning in a Box Platform and Google Cloud tools, and gain a 360-degree view of your customers. Deliver exceptional care and boost satisfaction – experience the Pluto7 advantage now!