Transform Your Supply Chain Planning and Marketing Strategies with Google Cloud and SAP Integration

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Lead with Generative AI Decision Intelligence Powered By Gemini Pro

Accelerate Supply Chain Transformation with GenAI Agents in 2 Days.

Talk to your data. Get accurate insights 10X faster with GenAI Decision Intelligence. Increase productivity, speed, and efficiency. Leapfrog the competition. Enable rapid intelligence into every corner of your product and operations.

Discover Transformative Strategies and Insights with Pluto7's Google Cloud and GenAI Experts

icons Generative AI and Predictive AI in Action: How you can efficiently interpret data, run what-if analysis, predict potential disruptions, and make informed decisions to devise agile strategies with Generative AI and Predictive AI.

icons Power Up with Gemini Pro: Explore how to leverage Gemini Pro to unlock deeper insights, empowering you with richer data intelligence.

icons Enterprise-grade Generative AI Agents in 2 Days: Build interactive experiences using Google's most advanced generative AI model, Gemini 1.5 Pro.

icons Dynamic Dashboards using Super Prompts: Easy accessibility to the users to ask quick questions and get answers in lucid format to make decisions.

icons Data Integration:How to leverage advanced capabilities of Google Cloud Cortex along with Google AdTech, Trends and additional 250+ external datasets for in depth insights and cost effective campaigns.

icons Leading with Decision Intelligence Integration: Understand how to rapidly integrate intelligence into your product and operations to stay ahead of the competition.

We’ll illustrate how such strategies can lead to quick wins and significant advances. Book Your Spot Now.

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