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GenAI Decision Intelligence Platform

Swiftly Build and Deploy Scalable Machine Learning Models with Our MLOps Services

Eliminate the barriers to AI/ML adoption with Gemini Pro on Vertex AI. Our decision intelligence platform lets you effortlessly build tailored AI and Generative AI solutions for immediate insights and informed decision-making, while ensuring seamless governance, risk, and compliance management.

Empowering Businesses to Streamline and
Expedite Time to Market

Leverage ML capabilities of Pluto7’s decision intelligence platform without extensive technical expertise, accelerating decision-making and innovation across your organization.


Accelerate Model Development and Deployment

Streamline the ML development process with automated pipelines, continuous integration, and continuous delivery (CI/CD), enabling faster and more frequent model iteration.


Improve Model Quality and Reliability

Establish robust quality assurance measures to ensure the accuracy, robustness, and fairness of ML models throughout their lifecycle.


Enhance Data Governance and Compliance

Implement data governance practices to maintain data integrity, privacy, and regulatory compliance, ensuring the trustworthiness of ML models.


Reduce Operational Costs and Resource Optimization

Optimize resource allocation and infrastructure costs by automating and streamlining ML operations.

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Comprehensive MLOps Services Tailored
to your Unique Needs

Our MLOps managed service leverages a platform and tool-agnostic approach, ensuring hassle-free operations. From monitoring and managing models to migrating and integrating AI/ML solutions, let us handle the complexities of ML operations while you focus on business outcomes.

Model Development

Design and Build ML models leveraging Gemini Pro on Vertex AI, simplifying model creation, adhering to industry and cloud standards.

Model Training

Train large-scale models on Vertex AI by optimizing training parameters for peak accuracy, while monitoring progress to guarantee model quality.

Model Deployment

Package and deploy models to production using Vertex AI's tools, automating deployment, seamless integrating with existing infrastructure.

Model Monitoring

Continuously monitor and assess model performance and data quality, and analyze behavior for improvements and adaptability.

Model Management

Establish governance frameworks for model versioning and access control, ensuring compliance.

Success Stories

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    Tacori achieved better order planning and marketing analytics with Google Cortex, Vertex AI, and Looker.

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    Lixil implemented Preventive Maintenance Machine Learning Models leveraging Google Cortex, and Vertex AI.

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    Ulta Beauty deployed ML models to accurately predict the delay and quantity of their products using Google Cortex, Vertex AI, and Looker.

Why Pluto7?

why pluto7

When it comes to data-driven transformation, Pluto7 stands as a beacon of expertise and innovation.

50+ Advanced Google Cloud Certifications: With an extensive range of Google Cloud certifications, you'll be working with proven experts in the field.

Certified Masters in Data Integration, Data Quality, and Data Governance: Let us govern and maintain your data while you focus on innovations.

Expertise Across the Entire Data Value Chain : With deep knowledge in data engineering, solutions architecture, and platform engineering, we provide comprehensive services that cover every facet of your data journey.

Unleash the Power of Generative AI

Quickly build and deploy ML Models for Business Success.