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Transforming Customer Experience

Decision Intelligence Platform to bring customer experience into the core of your planning process. Unify marketing, sales, supply chain, finance data with Google Adtech for real-time demand sensing. Merge your ERP data with Salesforce for dynamic pricing and optimal product mix, aligning inventory with real demand. Drive unprecedented efficiency and productivity with intelligent insights powered by Generative AI.

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Platform Setup and Success: Scale As You Grow with Our Subscription Model

Perfect for businesses at any stage, CX Sense evolves to meet your changing needs. Begin with a one-time setup fee and enjoy uninterrupted access to innovations, customizations, feature upgrades, enhancements, and support throughout its lifetime.

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Demand ML

Access Trends and Google AdTech data to accurately forecast consumer needs, manage inventory, and offer the right products at the right time.

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Pricing ML

Leverage integrated Salesforce data to dynamically identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities, refine pricing strategies, and optimize cash flow.

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Marketing ML

Utilize Google Adtech, Salesforce, and ERP data to maximize marketing ROI with smart spend, precise channel selection, and targeted messaging.

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Decrease in Lost Sales Opportunities

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Inventory Cost

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Marketing ROI


Turn Consumer Insights into Growth Accelerator with Generative AI

Create a unified, data-driven approach with CX Sense to put customer value at the core of all your operational decisions.

  • Discover Untapped Markets and Customer Segments

    Go beyond traditional demographics. CX Sense’s advanced data analytics help you identify new and lucrative customer segments, enabling you to tailor your products and marketing efforts for maximal impact.

  • Anticipate and Reduce Customer Churn

    Keep your customers loyal and engaged. Utilize predictive analytics to identify at-risk customers before they leave, allowing you to take targeted actions that enhance retention.

  • Supercharge the ROI of Your Marketing Campaigns

    Say goodbye to guesswork. With CX Sense, get data-driven recommendations to optimize your marketing spend, channel selection, and messaging, ensuring every dollar works harder for you.

  • Sense and Meet the Demand for Your Products and Services

    Never miss a sales opportunity. CX Sense forecasts consumer needs in real-time, helping you to manage inventory and offer the right products at the right time.

  • Turn Budget Estimates Into Actual Profits

    Seamlessly evaluate opportunities, risks, trade-offs with consolidated data. Set realistic sales targets, design dynamic pricing strategies, allocate budgets efficiently, and optimize cash flow.

CX Sense Decision Intelligence Platform

Add Decision Intelligence to Optimize Your Operations

Transform the way you plan and operate, fueling not just efficiency but also revenue growth. Leverage Generative AI for predictive insights and recommendations that are impossible to obtain using traditional methods. React faster to market changes, anticipate inventory needs, and streamline logistics—all while enhancing customer experiences.

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  • Unify, manage, and govern different data types for business-relevant use cases aligned to your data transformation vision.
  • Leverage Google’s innovative public datasets to gain laser-sharp customer insights.
  • Get real-time insights, alerts, and recommendations for supply chain, marketing, and sales optimization.
  • Uncover unprecedented insights into your SAP, Oracle EBS, Netsuite, and Salesforce data by leveraging Google Cloud Cortex.
  • Rapidly build and deploy Generative AI tools tailored to your business’s unique needs.
  • Put your data management on autopilot with our stringent data governance and security framework.

CX Sense Capabilities

End-to-End Data Transformation Capabilities

CX Sense brings all your enterprise data from multiple sources to a central data hub, allowing you to analyze customer-centric data from various touchpoints. Get a deeper understanding of your customers and deliver tailored experiences that resonate with them.

  • solid foundation

    Database Migration

    Making the switch from an on-premise database to CloudSQL can seem daunting, but with the help of our Data Platform, it’s easier than ever. We provide the resources, guidance, and tools necessary to help you seamlessly transition your database to CloudSQL.

  • Data Clean Room

    Data Clean Room

    Our data platform supports creating Data Clean Rooms to power your customer journey. Data clean rooms provide a secure and neutral environment for your 1st-party data (from CRMs, CDPs, event logs, etc.), enabling you to build more relevant audiences and fine-tune customer experiences. You can safely collaborate and analyze marketing campaign data while maintaining full control over its usage.

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    Data Foundation

    Our comprehensive data foundation provides multiple analytic options, enabling you to access pre-defined models and templates for a wide range of applications. Enjoy the convenience of plug-and-play dashboards as well as trusted machine learning capabilities – all while keeping your results secure with our application layer.

    Case Study:

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    Data Intelligence

    Supercharge your decision-making with real-time access to critical data. By delivering insights quickly, CX Sense empowers you to understand your customers at every touchpoint of their journey. Experience sharper, faster decisions and a more responsive business strategy.

    Case Study:

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    Data Analytics

    Deliver powerful optimization capabilities for more accurate forecasting, improved productivity, and lower costs, all while delighting your customers.

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    ML&AI Solutions

    Utilize Gemini Pro on Vertex AI to build, deploy, and scale enterprise-grade models tailored to your needs. Establish a robust, scalable AI foundation to launch powerful AI/GenAI solutions, delivering real-time analytics for enhanced control over your marketing, sales, and supply chain operations.

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Unify Marketing Insights with Supply Chain Intelligence

Sense Demand. Plan with Real-Time Data. Position Inventory.


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CX Sense: Boost Customer Experience with Data-Driven Insights

Harness decision intelligence like never before with CX Sense! Leverage Generative AI to get answers faster. It’s time to supercharge insights into your sales and marketing - let’s do this together.