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Whether you’re looking to optimize your data infrastructure, secure vital applications, or save costs through automation, our range of managed services has everything covered. With capabilities ranging from internal and external dataset integration to Dataops, DevOps and beyond, transforming raw data into actionable insights couldn’t be easier!

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  • Build a scalable data infrastructure

    Set the foundation for accelerated performance. Choose the best infrastructure for each workload, and manage them all from a central location for greater visibility and control.

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    Flexibility and scalability

    Customize and configure the data infrastructure to meet your specific requirements, whether you need to scale up quickly to handle increased demand or optimize your infrastructure for cost savings.

    End-to-end data and ai automation

    Leverage the power of automated pipelines, centralized management and visibility, and a self-service DataOps environment for data scientists and analysts.

  • Real-time data visibility across your hybrid cloud environments

    We handle every aspect of the application lifecycle - from development to application deployment and maintenance.

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    Robust Application Management Framework

    We will help you develop applications with defined SLOs and SLAs for an accepted level of latency and implement automated CI/CD pipelines, with error reporting, monitoring and alerts, and user management to streamline platform operations and enable greater focus on innovation.

    Centralized Data Management Platform

    Gain a centralized view of all your infrastructure and application components across geographies.

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    Tune into peak performance, faster

    Maximize efficiency and security while deploying large-scale storage architectures that consider data durability, accessibility, and cost efficiency.

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    AI-Driven Insights & Recommendations

    Troubleshoot faster with AI-generated recommendations that let you proactively detect anomalies and identify the root cause of issues before they escalate, resulting in improved uptime and faster resolution times.

    Performance Tuning

    Leverage real-time predictive analytics and AI to automatically balance workloads, optimizing both on-premise and hybrid cloud environments based on operational and business intent.

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    Self-service Data Ops built for high-performing teams

    Break down silos, collaborate seamlessly and enable faster decision-making.

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    Better Collaboration

    Break down data silos and allow your data teams to share data and insights in real-time and quickly iterate on their analyses.

    Self-Service Data Ops

    Empower data scientists and analysts to quickly and easily access the data they need for their analysis without needing to rely on IT or engineering teams for assistance.

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    Maximize your cloud investments and boost ROI

    Leverage Pluto7’s deep expertise in cloud, data, and platform technologies to make the most of your cloud investments.

    Case Study:

    Adaptive Data Platform

    We’ll build, deploy, and customize the data platform to adapt to your usage patterns, ensuring that you are always using the most cost-effective cloud resources, resulting in better ROI and increased savings over time.

    Deep expertise in data and platform engineering

    Leverage our decades of expertise in managing cloud resources. We will help you identify opportunities for cost savings and implement strategies to maximize ROI on your cloud investments.

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    Rapid Response to Critical Security Incidents

    A comprehensive set of security solutions to keep your data safe while you focus on harnessing insights and driving business value.

    Case Study:

    Security Command Center

    A centralized platform that provides visibility and control over security across multiple cloud platforms and services.

    Continuous Monitoring

    The platform continuously monitors the data pipelines and platform assets for any security threats, alerting and recommending remedial actions to prevent security breaches.

    Cloud Key Management Service

    Manage the encryption of your data and keys with ease, using Google's secure and robust infrastructure.

    Secure Access Control

    Leverage our Identity-Aware Proxy (IAP) Services for secure access control to your cloud applications and resources, allowing you to manage access based on user identity and context.

Let Pluto7’s Experts Manage Your Data Cloud Environment For You

At Pluto7, we offer comprehensive managed services designed to help organizations maximize their cloud investment and achieve their business goals.

Proactive Enterprise


Our team of experts will monitor your servers around the clock, every day of the year, for any severity 1 and 2 alerts. We'll proactively troubleshoot and resolve potential issues before they become major problems and keep you informed every step of the way.



We'll review your cloud environment and recommend right-sizing options to ensure you get the most value for your investment. We'll help you optimize your cloud resources to improve performance, reduce costs, and enhance overall efficiency.

Best Practice


We'll ensure that your cloud environment is deployed according to industry best practices, including role-based access control, cloud virtual network design, and security controls. Our team will work with you to design a custom cloud infrastructure that meets your needs and requirements.

Service Availability


We'll monitor your cloud environment's uptime and availability and alert you immediately if any issues arise. Our end-of-month status and performance reports will provide a detailed overview of your cloud environment's health and performance.

OS Patch


We'll assess, test, schedule, deploy, and manage patching on your cloud environment to ensure it's secure and up-to-date.

Advisory and


We'll provide a comprehensive service delivery management function, vendor liaison, monthly reporting, change management, service request coordination, and technical advice for all in-scope technologies. Our team will work closely with you to ensure your cloud environment aligns with your business goals and objectives.

Why Pluto7?

why pluto7

Expertise in cloud and data technologies - We specialize in cloud technologies, specifically Google Cloud Platform, and data technologies like big data analytics and machine learning. This allows us to tailor each customer’s data platform to their specific requirements.

Automated and self-service capabilities - Pluto7’s data platform provides automation and self-service capabilities, enabling your data teams to focus on their core business objectives rather than spending time on managing their data infrastructure.

Flexibility and scalability - Pluto7’s data platform is designed to be flexible and scalable to meet your changing needs. It enables you to easily add more capabilities as your business grows or changes without significant investment in additional infrastructure or resources.

Pluto7's data platform powers global collaborations

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Accelerate Innovation by Leveraging Pluto7’s Data Cloud Expertise

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