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Helping CDD to compete with larger retailers and make quicker decisions


For more than 10 years, NMK Textile Mills has manufactured bed linens for major retailers in the United States and Canada. As e-commerce exploded, the company’s co-founder saw an opportunity to grow the business. So, in addition to manufacturing bed linens wholesale for retail customers, they reworked its complete supply chain to manufacture products for California Design Den, which became an e-commerce retailer now selling its products directly to consumers online.

Why Pluto7?

A couple of years ago, California Design Den partnered with Pluto7, a technology solutions provider leveraging Google Cloud Platform machine learning and artificial intelligence, to intelligently predict demand and balances it with supply.

With guidance from Pluto7, California Design Den began migrating its database to Google Cloud Platform. Using various GCP products Pluto7 helps reduce inventory carryovers by more than 50%, in addition to improving the accuracy of demand planning quarter over quarter, and gaining granular insights into how individual SKUs are performing.

Business Objective

The company’s data is siloed across geographies in various systems due to which decision-making was a time-taking process. Due to the extended data across regions inventory was managed manually using spreadsheets which led to excess and shortage of inventory. The main objective of this project was to create a solution that would lead CDD to compete with larger retailers and make quicker decisions. Another objective is to maintain enough inventory to meet customer demand in a timely, efficient way.


The customer is onboarded on Google Cloud Platform which will further help the customer in making faster decisions and enhance customer satisfaction. 

Pluto7 Google Cloud Onboarding steps

  • Cloud Identity account
  • Cloud Identity
  • Workspace (Admin console)
  • Third-party domain tools


  • Add initial users and groups
  • Users and Groups provisioning
  • Third-party identification


  • Org Administrator access
  • Google Cloud Admin Groups
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM) section (add members)


  • Billing
  • Cloud Billing IAM Admin (add members)
  • Cloud Billing setup
  • IAM section (billing/project migration)


  • Resource hierarchy
  • Resource Manager (includes folders, projects for Networking, Logging)


  • IAM
  • Resource Manager (+ IAM Add members) (includes policies for Network, Security, and DevOps groups, such as Computer Security Admin)


  • Support
  • Google Cloud Support


  • Networking configuration
  • GCP VPC, Shared VPC, VPN, NAT, LB, etc.


  • Logging and monitoring
  • Cloud Monitoring, BigQuery, Cloud Storage


  • Security
  • Security Command Center
  • IAM section (Org Policies)
  • Cloud Key Management Service (Data Key Encription management)


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Organization Name: CDD


  • Scaling an environment on-demand simply is not possible
  • Existing solution hinder organization’s ability to both experiment with new solutions, and actually deploy those solutions
  • Complexity of IT infrastructure management
  • Effective solution deployment at scale


  • The customer is onboarded on Google Cloud Platform which will further help the customer in making faster decisions and enhance customer satisfaction.

Products Used

  • Cloud IAM
  • Cloud Storage
  • Google Compute Engine
  • Google Cloud VPC, Shared VPC, VPN, NAT
  • Cloud Monitoring
  • BigQuery
  • Security Command Center