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Sustainable Inventory Management : Reduce Waste. Improve Efficiency. Build a Sustainable Future.

Streamline inventory, procurement, and distribution to optimize resource usage and champion sustainability. Leverage Google’s extensive datasets and Generative AI to align your supply chain with environment friendly practices, drive cost savings, and boost profits.

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Smart Inventory Management: Key to Sustainability

Avoid the pitfalls of overproduction and excess storage, reducing both waste and emissions.


Align Production with Actual Demand

Produce Only as Much as Necessary

Manufacture Locally, Closer to Demand

Enable ESG Framework
Achieve Sustainability Goals Faster with Planning in a Box

Combine your supply chain data with Google’s extensive datasets for tailored sustainability solutions. Make smarter decisions faster with Generative AI, save energy, and cut costs—all while doing right by the planet.

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Improve ESG Performance

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Reduce Risk

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Increase Transparency

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Attract and Retain Investors and Customers

Analyze. Report. Consult
Our Holistic Approach to Solving Sustainability Problems

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Real-Time Inventory Decision Intelligence

Harness Generative AI for predictive insights across your entire supply chain, from raw materials to final logistics. Make data-driven sustainability decisions, measure your carbon footprint, and quickly identify environmental hotspots for immediate action.

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Integrated View of Performance Metrics

Get a complete picture of your sustainability efforts with our tailored reporting tools and comprehensive ESG dashboard. Track real-time improvements, from waste reduction to lower carbon footprints to showcase your green credentials.

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Strategic Sustainability Roadmaps

We provide expert guidance to help businesses ideate, formulate, and implement impactful sustainability plans. Use our collaborative tools to set achievable yet impactful sustainability goals that align with your overall business objectives.

Leverage the Power of Google Cloud Tools

Planning in a Box brings you closer to your sustainability goals by leveraging the robust capabilities of Google Cloud.


Environment APIs on Google Maps

Access critical environmental data through APIs like Road, Solar, Pollen Level, and Air Quality to make informed energy-sourcing and operational decisions.

BigQuery and Google Earth Engine Integration

Leverage BigQuery and Google Earth Engine with Planning in a Box for global tracking, route analysis, and sustainable supply chain decisions.

Carbon Footprint Tools

Planning in a Box quantifies carbon emissions from Google product usage, enabling action on both digital and physical carbon footprints.

Case Studies

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    With real-time demand and inventory management, Lixil minimized overproduction and overuse of resources enhancing sustainability efforts.

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    ULTA Beauty streamlined supplier management and procurement process, reducing the environmental footprint and championing eco-friendly supply chain initiatives.

Achieve More with Less: Embrace Sustainable Inventory Approach with Generative AI-powered Planning in a Box