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Responsible Ai

Effective and reliable user-centered AI systems

The development of Ai was to create more opportunities, make life simpler, with seamless integration in business processes. Artificial intelligence is rapidly on a rise to become the most powerful technology with limitless applications. The expansive goal of artificial intelligence has given rise to many questions and debates.


We believe that, with great power comes greater responsibility and technologies like these should promote innovation. Pluto7 is on a mission to ensure responsible development of AI and sharing knowledge. Combining human capabilities with machine learning scalability can help us enhance the understanding of solutions machine learning can build.

We are already witnessing transformation with the power of Ai in the commercial as well as public sectors, with chatbots that converse using natural language to autonomous cars, warehouses staffed by robots and so much more.

Pluto7's Responsible Ai

Artificial Intelligence is the efficiency with which we can acquire new skills and drive innovations using it for our benefit and also for the benefit of our customers. In these times of COVID-19 when the whole world is facing the uncertainty of life, we thought of contributing our bit to society.

Pluto7 is equipped with a team of experts who are well-versed with the use of this emerging technology. Our team worked on creating a website that is a compilation of all the necessary information about the essentials (Oxygen cylinders, bed availability, vaccinations and so much more) that were needed by the people in emergencies. With the help of Ai, we were able to develop the website in 24 hours. That is the power of AI.

Building an AI system is a careful process of reverse-engineering human traits and capabilities in a machine, and using it’s computational prowess to surpass what we are capable of. With specialization in machine learning, we have helped a number of customers with unbiased demand sensing of their products.

Demand sensing is a very convenient tool, helping you forecast the demand of the products, understanding the complete sense of available inventory. This in turn will impact the customer experience. Demand sensing is the use of procedure to analyse the demand history helping gain deeper insights and develop better forecast system.

Customer experience is on the topmost priority for Pluto7, therefore our Ai capabilities are increasingly and effectively driven to enhance the CEX. With the strong framework of analytics and business architecture our ML models are sure to sense the potential demand of our customers and build the tailored solutions for them as per their needs.

Our Demand Planning holds the key to improved sustainability meeting high customer demands.

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Are we ready to design an unbiased Ai system?

As Ai technologies become deeply embedded in existing solutions for a large number of decisions, it is necessary to understand the need for an unbiased system. The fundamental elements of Responsible Ai are:

  • Educating the employees to understand how AI will be integrated into operations and why
  • Train the employees making them fully equipped with the tools and its benefits.
  • Question the employees where and how AI can be of use in their day-to-day roles
  • Develop the skills as needed for the employees to take advantage of the insight offered by Ai to achieve more reliable outcomes.

Ai uses machine learning algorithms and real-time data to improve business processes continuously. However, we cannot leave the self-correcting aspect of this process on the machines. These data driven processes need human workers who can act on the opportunities these machines discover in real-time.

Our team ensures that to assess the need for improvisations to safety, fairness and usability by training the algorithm. Pluto7 believes in the balance between humans helping machines and machines helping humans to achieve the best outcomes.