Transform Your Supply Chain Planning and Marketing Strategies with Google Cloud and SAP Integration

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Reduce Lead Time by up to 30%

From procurement to delivery, master your order fulfillment process with Planning in a Box — our Generative AI-driven Decision Intelligence Platform. Monitor inventory in real-time, strategize allocations from prime warehouses, choose optimal routes and carriers, and oversee seamless fulfillment across all channels. Enhance customer satisfaction with timely, reliable, and cost-efficient fulfillment.

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Transform your Order Fulfillment with Pluto7’s Planning in a Box. Powered by Google Cloud and Generative AI, it seamlessly integrates data from SAP, Oracle EBS, Netsuite, and Salesforce, tapping into 250+ external datasets like Google Adtech and consumer trends for a 360 degree operational view.

Sense demand in real-time, plan inventory dynamically, optimize transportation and route to reduce lead times. Ensure there is no gap between demand and supply, adapt routes swiftly, and enhance customer satisfaction by consistently meeting expectations and preventing delivery lags.

Accurate Demand Forecasting with Planning in a Box and Fivetran

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    Google Cloud and Pluto7 helped a SoCal’s Gourmet Food Market optimize their inventory assortment using omni-channel data points

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    Manufacturing| Retail

    Pluto7 helped Levis Strauss & Co., an American clothing brand to accurately predict the product dimensions by 90%

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    Manufacturing| Retail

    California Design Den: Driving higher profits with ML

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Why Pluto7

Pluto7 recognizes that inventory visibility is best addressed by taking into account the various entities across which the product moves, the mode of transport across the entities, the logistics destinations between the entities etc. In short, the in-transit visibility of a product or shipment matters as much as the visibility of a product in stock and our solutions make it possible to track inventory at each stage of an order/shipment lifecycle.

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Transform Your Business with Planning in a Box: Harness Generative AI for Intelligent Supply Chain Solutions