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  • Episode 1: Digital Twin

    Learn about how Digital Twin can help you transform your business

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  • Episode 2: Vision AI

    Vision AI can help detect objects and faces, read handwriting, and build valuable image metadata with Vision API.

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  • Episode 3: Edge AI

    Edge ML is a technique by which Smart Devices can process data locally.

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  • Episode 4: Data Silos to AI

    Learn how to manage and analyse siloed data with the help of AI

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  • Episode 5: Sentiment AI

    Sentiment Analysis may be difficult but AI has the answer for it.

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  • Episode 6: Document AI

    Use your document data to make better decisions using Document AI

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  • Episode 7: Propensity to buy

    Propensity to buy is a value which represents how likely a customer is to purchase a particular product.

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  • Episode 8: Demand Sensing

    Gaining rapid insights into demand so you can anticipate or react quickly.

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  • Episode 9: Pricing AI

    Applying Smart Analytics and ML to identify the right pricing strategy is all that you need

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  • Episode 10: Supplier AI

    Transform your organization’s performance by choosing the right suppliers

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  • Episode 11: Supply network optimization

    Optimize your Supply Chain to minimize costs, increase customer satisfaction and improve overall performance.

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  • Episode 12: Supply AI

    Leverage AI to accelerate product flows, optimize the inventory and maintaining the supply balance

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  • Episode 13: Inventory AI

    Effectively manage costs and buyer needs with Inventory AI

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  • Episode 14 : Demand AI

    Make Informed Decisions Enhancing Customer experience with Demand AI

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  • Episode 15 : Demand ML

    Leverage AI to create value and design business strategies

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  • Episode 16 : Predictive Maintenance AI

    Reduce Downtime, Maintenance Costs and Improve Operational Effectiveness

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  • Episode 17 : Supply Chain AI

    Track logistics performance and optimized shipping from packaging to distribution using Supply Chain AI

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  • Episode 18 : AI in Retail

    Reinventing Retail Landscape with AI

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  • Episode 19: AI in Manufacturing

    Increase Uptime, Improve Quality and Consistency in Manufacturing

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