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Customer Testimonials

  • Konnect Manufacturing Gen AI Decision Intelligence Platform

  • CX Sense GenAI Decision Intelligence Platform Teaser

  • Forget Business Intelligence. ‘Talk’ to Your Enterprise Data With Voice-Enabled Gen AI Chatbot

  • Planning in a Box Retail Handbag Story Teaser

  • Real-time Inventory Visibility: Balance Stock Optimally With Generative AI Enabled Planning in a Box

  • Supercharge Your Decision Making with Generative AI – Pluto7’s AI Data Platform

  • Transform Demand Forecasting with Generative AI & SAP: Unleashing Demand ML

  • Meet “Planning in a Box 3.0” – our generative AI-enabled data platform that seamlessly integrates with your SAP system.

  • Optimize your inventory with the AI Platform

  • Inventory Positioning Solution Demo

  • Are you ready for the data age?

  • Preparing for the next big disruption

  • Transforming Supply Chains with Data Foundation

  • AI as a Twin for Supply Chain Planning

  • Introducing Planning in a box 2.0 our Supply Chain Twin solution

  • Case Study: How a Large Brewery Uses Machine Learning for Preventive Maintenance (Cloud Next ’18)

  • Automate Cancer MCA using Cloud Vision API and GCMLE

  • ABinBev Preventative Maintenance

  • Bridging Marketing to Supply Chain

  • California Design Den Omnichannel Demand Forecasting

Our AI Solutions

  • Education ML – Chatbot and CCAI Demo

  • Getting Started with Preventive Maintenance ML

  • Getting started with Demand ML

  • Improve Service Automation with Supply ML

  • Pluto7 Preventive Maintenance | Built On the Robust Google Cloud Platform

  • Sales ML – Sales Performance Management with ML

  • What is Marketing ML?

  • What is Supply Chain ML?

  • Why Pluto7?

  • ZettaData – Data Warehousing & Pipelines

  • Optimization of Supply & Distribution using Machine Learning

  • Healthcare ML

  • Smart Supply Chain Solutions – Built on the Google Cloud Platform

  • Smart Factory Solutions – Built on the Google Cloud Platform

  • Factories of the Future | Industry 4.0

  • Demand ML: Demand Forecasting Solution on GCP