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Reduce Complexity by 15%

Optimize inbound and outbound processes across your network with Pluto7's Network Optimization solution, enabled by Planning in a Box – a decision intelligence data platform with integrated Generative AI. Quickly detect and adjust to changes, controlling routing and scheduling to save costs. Model and visualize 'What-If' scenarios, tailored to your needs, enhancing control and flexibility in your supply chain.

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Turn supply chain challenges into a competitive advantage with Pluto7’s Planning in a Box, designed for comprehensive supply chain network optimization. This Generative AI enabled solution embraces end-to-end resilience, flexibility, and transparency by implementing continuous optimization processes, utilizing real-time connected supply chain data. It delivers a holistic view, enabling effective risk management through enhanced visibility, efficient partner compliance, and alignment of transportation and production flows. 

By offering data on multiple network configurations and assisting in selecting the best fit, Planning in a Box transforms your supply chain into a strategically optimized asset, minimizing costs, and driving value.

Accurate Demand Forecasting with Planning in a Box and Fivetran

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    Manufacturing| Retail

    Pluto7 helped Levis Strauss & Co., an American clothing brand to accurately predict the product dimensions by 90%

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    Pluto7 helped a leading American department store retail chain to accurately forecast demand patterns

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    AB InBev: With machine learning, this Bud’s for you

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Why Pluto7

We ensure that this aspect of data analysis, data preparation and understanding data drivers leads to a robust demand forecasting capability.

With this solid foundation, appropriate techniques can then be chosen for tackling the problem at hand.

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Transform Your Business with Planning in a Box: Harness Generative AI for Intelligent Supply Chain Solutions