Data Management Solutions

Managing data that you can rely upon

Data management helps building data you can rely on following a good data management framework built on sound management principles yielding reliable data.​​

Data Management

Intelligent Data Management Services Enhancing Customer Experience with Improved Decision Making

Data Warehouse

Modernize your data warehouse, considering your workloads and unique business goals. Unleash the power of your data

Modern Migration

Pluto7's migration framework is scalable and cost effective. We help you build a custom migration strategy and implement it easily


Build scalable data engineering processes. Manage multiple data sources while maintaining control and governance

Data Science

Migrate on-premises Apache Hadoop systems to Google Cloud. Optimize and upgrade your current data analytics systems

Real-Time & Predictive

Access to real time data analytics and get up-to-date information. Predict business outcomes easily

Multi-Cloud Analytics

Process and analyze data across clouds using Google Cloud. Enable a flexible, fully-managed, multi-cloud analytics solution

Data Management Framework

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