With real-time data from supply chain disruptions and market opportunities, planners can make informed decisions -instantly.

Scalable Enterprise Supply Chain AI Platform Solutions

Unified Data

Consolidating a variety of disparate data sources into a centralized source of data stored within a data warehouse, leads to operational excellence, ensuring governance, compliance, integration, and Data Foundation for the maximum benefit of your organization.

Decision Intelligence

Effective decision-making necessitates business leaders into rethinking what is important, who or what is involved, and how to use AI, data and analytics to improve decision-making. The same thought process drives the usage of Digital Twins for predictive maintenance: to make more connected, contextual, and continuous decisions.

Optimized Supply Chains

Planning in a Box provides you with the tools you need to accurately position and manage your inventory – so you can focus on what’s really important: running your business. Holistic view to see demand signals and stock-outs in real time, enabling more informed decisions. Stop spending so much time juggling spreadsheets and dashboards, let Planning in a Box plan for you

Elevate Your Inventory Planning with A.I

Planning Tasks Manual + Multiple Tools With Planning in a Box
SAP Reports 5+ Hours 30 Minutes
Sorting Data in Spreadsheets 20+ Hours 15 Minutes
Bring Market Intelligence 60+ Hours 1 Hour
Review Forecast & Suggestions 20+ Hours 30 Minutes
Inform Key Stakeholders 12+ Hours Real Time

How Does Planning in a Box Work?

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Connect Planning in a Box and SAP Data

By connecting Planning in a Box to your SAP data, you’re guaranteed the most accurate and real-time metrics for your supply chain! No guesswork, only data-backed insights!

Connect Spreadsheets and Apps

With Planning in a Box, you'll never have to worry about spending hours on data cleansing and formatting. Connect all of the spreadsheets with one click and get your highly accurate forecast in minutes.

Secure your no.1 spot on customer’s mind while enhancing their experience

Deliver the right product at right time and at the right price to the customers. Understand their sentiments and demand signals for a seamless delightful experience.

Receive personalized suggestions to optimize your planning efforts in real-time for better decision making

These suggestions are created with your unique supply chain planning requirements in mind and are updated in real-time.

Create incredible demand plans that are relevant and profitable

Utilize the full power of Planning in a box to plan with demographic-level understanding of your audience.

Planning in a Box, Designed for your Industry


Industry Solutions


Intelligent Supply Decisions Platform

  • ML models for Supply Chain optimization

  • 360 degree view of supply chain operations

  • Customized UI/UX for easy navigation

  • Profitability and Customer Experience

  • Event based architecture for supply chain alerts

  • Digital Twin process integration


Flexible Data Foundation

  • ML based Data quality

  • Modern data lake

  • Smart Data migration

  • Data Warehouse Modernisation

  • End to end data governance

  • Continuous Data integration


Data Sources

Glass-Box Methodology

Transparent solutions that you can tweak to deliver optimal performance to your supply chain. Unlike closed-box, you can see through and control Data Integration, ML models, Analytics Interface, and everything else.

Value Demonstration

Tech Maturity

Business Problem

Continuous Innovation

Support & Maintenance
Support & Maintenance
Decisions Platform
Decisions Platform
AI Solutions
AI Solutions
ML Modules
ML Modules
Data Foundation
Data Foundation
Cloud Platform
Cloud Platform

Support & Maintenance

We believe our team works best when we can act as an extension of yours. Get continuous support and maintenance from Pluto7. We aim to ensure that our platform is highly reliable and relevant to your constantly evolving supply chain needs.

AI Solutions

Flexible AI-powered solutions that you can tweak, integrate and extend. Predict demand 25% better while reducing inventory carryover cost by 30% and saving $10 M annually.

Data Foundation

Connect and blend internal and external data to develop rapid, actionable insights. An integrated end-to-end data unification approach can address the opportunities and constraints of all business functions, from procurement to sales.

ML Modules

Drive enterprise-wide visibility into all aspects of the supply chain with granularity that humans simply cannot mimic at-scale. Deliver powerful optimization capabilities for more accurate forecasting, improved productivity, and lower costs, all while delighting your customers.

Decisions Platform

Smarter and faster supply chain decision-making to respond quickly and cost-effectively to rapid changes in market conditions. Build a resilient and agile supply chain with Planning in a Box.

Cloud Platform

Data’s worth depends on its application and accessibility. By building a Data Foundation on a cloud platform, you gain scalability, agility, and powerful governance of your data. Connect all supply chain data from various sources to a single framework enabling visibility.

Jump start your Data Driven Journey

Data driven journey

Accelerating Supply Chain transformation for enterprises through data foundation and AI based platform. Platform is architected to bring best of Pluto7 and Google experience in delivering Supply Chain solutions.


Existing Data Sources

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Data Ingestion

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application platform

Data Store

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application platform


Model Development

Model Development



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application platform

Google Cloud Supply Chain Twin

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Data and End-User Security

Accurate Demand Forecasting with Planning in a Box and Fivetran


Awards and Recognitions


2019 Supply Chain
Innovator CPG Award


2021 Supply Chain
Digital Transformation Award

Transformed with AI: A chat with the founder of California Design Den

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