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Scalable Enterprise Supply Chain AI Platform Solutions

Unified Data

Internal ERP data combined with external market data and data from supply chain partners (freight rates etc). Reacting to global supply chain events on priority near real-time by consolidating data into a centralized source of data stored within a data warehouse leading to business transformation for the maximum benefit of your organization.

Decision Intelligence

Effective decision-making requires that business leaders rethink what is important, who or what is involved, and how to use AI, data and analytics to improve decision-making. The same thought process drives the usage of Digital Twins for predictive maintenance: to make more connected, contextual, and continuous decisions.

Optimized Supply Chains

Aligning business objectives through lead time visibility with suppliers and demand visibility with customers leading to streamlined supply chains and increased business agility. Utilize ML models to eliminate inefficiencies in Supply Chains and improve overall Supply Chain performance.

A well-designed supply chain optimization process addressing the supply chain needs, leveraging composable data and AI services for real-time intelligence

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Pluto7 Delivers Fully Customized, Enterprise Ai Solutions


Targeted Industry Solutions


Intelligent Supply Decisions Platform

  • Built ML models

  • 360 degree view

  • Custom UI/UX

  • Profitability and Customer experience

  • Event-based architecture

  • Digital Twin Process


Flexible Data Foundation

  • Automated Data Quality Assurance

  • Modern Data Lake

  • Data Warehouse Modernisation

  • End To End Data Governance

  • Smart Data migration

  • Continuous Data Integration


Existing Data Sources

Planning in a Box for Different Personas

Supply Chain Leader and End-Users
  • Pluto7 Managed Services & Support enables business users to achieve instant ML literacy.
  • With a user-friendly dashboard, you can gain granular insights into supply chain operations.
Technology and Data Science Leaders
  • Platform for centralized data analysis that includes both on-premises and multi-cloud streams.
  • Management and support of ML solutions from start to finish

Leading Innovation with Planning in a Box

Awards and Recognitions


2019 Supply Chain
Innovator CPG Award


2021 Supply Chain
Digital Transformation Award


Platform Solution to enable Decisions Intelligence with AI

Accelerating Supply Chain transformation for enterprises through data foundation and AI based platform. Platform is architected to bring best of Pluto7 and Google experience in delivering Supply Chain solutions.


Existing Data Sources

source system


Data Ingestion

application platform


application platform

Data Store

application platform


application platform


Model Development

Model Development



application platform


application platform

Google Cloud Supply Chain Twin

application platform

Data and End-User Security

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Transformed with AI: A chat with the founder of California Design Den


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The supply chain disruption that started in 2021 has now escalated due to the recovery of the economy, a shortage of skilled….

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A guide to minimize Supply Chain disruptions with rapid-response ML solutions on Google Cloud

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