Transform Your Supply Chain Planning and Marketing Strategies with Google Cloud and SAP Integration

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SAP Data Migration to Google Cloud

Unlock the full potential of your SAP data with Google Cloud and SAP BTP

Partner with Pluto7 and leverage the Cloud Cortex Data Platform to unlock the full benefits of SAP solutions on Google Cloud and SAP BTP

Get real-time business insights in 14 days or less.

  • Pluto7 leverages Google Cloud Cortex to seamlessly integrate SAP and Salesforce data with Google Cloud, accelerating time to insights.
  • Pluto7 has extensive experience in efficiently migrating and transforming data, SAP data from R/3, ECC, and S4 HANA systems to GCP.
  • We specialize in porting existing BW systems to BW/4HANA on GCP using cutting-edge technologies like Dataflow, Cloud Data Fusion, third-party & SAP tools, Cloud SQL, Spanner, and BigQuery.
  • The seamless integration between Google Cloud technologies and SAP BTP provides your supply chain, marketing, and sales teams with real-time insights, enabling them to make informed decisions and drive business growth.

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We Understand SAP Like the Back of our Hands

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Cortex-Enabled Platform

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SAP Silver Partner Status in the PartnerEdge Program

Foundational Partner for Google Cloud Cortex Framework

Transform your data landscape and uncover powerful insights with Google Cloud Cortex! As a double-certified partner of both SAP PartnerEdge Silver and Google Cloud, we are uniquely positioned to serve you the best of both worlds. With our expertise in cloud services, analytics, and data structures — plus a deep knowledge of all things SAP — you can turn your datasets into invaluable assets.


How can Pluto7 help you?

Optimize Inventory by Combining Google Adtech with your Supply Chain Data


Demand Forecasting

Accurately predict short-term and mid-term demands and understand emerging market signals.


Order Fulfillment

Identify potential issues and areas for optimization with a 360° view of delivery performance status including open orders, order cycle time, and on-time delivery in full.


Demand Sensing Alerts

Predict potential impacts on demand plans (e.g. trends, weather, and more).


Inventory Positioning

Minimize waste and reduce inventory carrying costs across warehouses and distributors.


Supplier Performance

Improve efficiency by comprehensively analyzing the delivery performance, quality, accuracy, and unit costs of your suppliers.

Discover Better Marketing and Sales Insights with SAP & Salesforce


Leads Capture & Conversion

Understand leads generated from marketing activities, current status, and how quickly sales are converting to opportunities.


Sales Activities & Engagement

Highlight leads and opportunities which need immediate follow-up and understand overall engagement trends across sales.


Discover new Customer Insights

Leverage Google Adtech data and other external insights to gain deeper understanding of your customers.


Opportunity Trends & Pipeline

Identify open opportunities and their current stage, which are likely to close, and how well sales teams are converting to wins.


Order-to-Cash Sales Performance

Get trend analyses of sales performance by critical drivers like product, brand, category, and more.

Better Inventory Outcomes with Google Adtech and Marketing Data

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Data Platform

A data science platform was enabled in GCP with real-time interactive dashboards using Looker

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Marketing Analytics

Successfully developed a marketing analytics platform by ingesting data from multiple other sources.

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Demand Forecasting

Developed Demand Forecasting model using vertex AI with the highest accuracy with raw material forecasting

Customized Data Transformation for Optimal Business Outcomes

  • solid foundation

    Create a Solid Data Foundation For Your SAP Data that can lead to insights within 2 weeks

    Unify and centralize your SAP data powered by Google’s revolutionary Cloud Cortex Framework. Our end-to-end data foundation solution allows you to quickly and effectively gain decision intelligence or perform advanced analytics based on your desired use case. We handle every piece of the data movement - from ingestion all the way through to transforming it into valuable insights.

    Case Study:

Leverage our Data Platform to Unify Your SAP Data and Unlock New Insights

Our Data Platform is designed to consolidate and transform SAP data, paving the way for accelerated business outcomes.

  • Take the first step towards combine your data with Google Ad Tech data.
  • Reduce SAP reporting time & cost
  • Get your data geared up for AI & ML

Expert Support & Guidance Throughout your Journey

Strategy Consulting

Our expert consultation team consists of both SAP and Oracle experts - helping you iron out your migration plan, optimize capacity planning, auditing, and more.

Ensure Glitch-Free Migrations

With Pluto7’s migration team, you get data experts who are proficient at both - Google Cloud infrastructure and SAP systems, ensuring a seamless transition path for you.

Optimize Cloud Costs

We have the right combination of tools and experts to help you optimize costs at every level.

Data Management & Security

Manage your growing data volumes with ease with the help of our on-demand data management & security services.

Managed Services

We maintain the dashboards, ML models, and data pipelines so that you can stay laser-focused on driving innovation.

Support & Guidance

Our global team is at your service, 24x7, 365 days a year.

Why Pluto7?

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With decades of experience and SAP-certified experts, Pluto7 is your go-to partner for your SAP needs. Our global team specializes in on-premise systems across all major public cloud providers. As a leader in this field with over 20 years’ worth of technical expertise - we guarantee you that we can get you the right expert for any project or requirement that arises. So don’t hesitate to reach out today: let us handle your SAP assessments & migrations and get you on the fastest path to data transformation.

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  • 50+ Advanced Google Cloud Certifications.
  • Certified Masters in Data Integration, Data Quality and Data Governance.
  • A mix of expertise across the entire data value chain - data engineering, solutions architecture, and platform engineering.
  • 20+ years of Data Domain and Supply Chain Domain Experience.
  • An expert SAP consulting group with decades of experience in enterprise data management.
  • Pluto7 is a SAP PartnerEdge Silver Partner as well as a Google Cloud Premier Partner - having won the Google Partner of the Year Award in 2019.

Get your SAP Data to work for you today!

Put cloud-first tools to work for you, scaling beyond individual use cases with advanced machine learning capabilities – harnessing enterprise intelligence like never before! It’s time to supercharge insights into your supply chains, marketing strategies, and sales tactics - let’s do this together.