Transform Your Supply Chain Planning and Marketing Strategies with Google Cloud and SAP Integration

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Save 90% of Your Time in Demand and Inventory Planning with Generative AI

Generate insights faster and boost customer satisfaction - all while reducing your knowledge worker’s workload - with the only AI Data Platform Solutions you’ll ever need.


Supercharge Your Knowledge Worker’s Productivity

Chat with your data. Step beyond spreadsheets and embrace the future of decision-making with our data platform Planning in a Box. Powered by Google’s Generative AI and Google Cloud Cortex Framework, our platform integrates your supply chain and marketing data with over 250 external datasets in real-time. Drive meaningful impact to your business. Increase your productivity and efficiency.

Get real-time business insights in 14 days or less.

Get Conversational With Your Data

Pricing ML

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Design. Allocate.
Optimize Cash Flow

Dynamically find upsell and cross-sell opportunities, adjusting pricing strategies to match demand.

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Supply ML

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Monitor. Manage.
Position Inventory

Optimize inventory placement in real-time, reducing carrying costs and improving service.

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Marketing ML

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Personalize. Engage.
Boost Marketing ROI

Run hyper-personalized, targeted campaigns to reach your customers at the right time with the right offer.

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Generate Code, Image, Content using your Data Centralised in your cloud Tenant with Pluto7 Solutions with Right Security

Planning in a Box: A Core essential to Unleash Power of Generative AI

Discover the Right Data Platform to Accelerate Gen AI Capabilities

Built on the robust Google Cloud Cortex Framework, a state-of-the-art technology, Planning in a Box makes it easy to collect, store, and manage data to enable Generative AI. Cortex integrates a wide range of data sources, including SAP, Oracle EBS, Netsuite, Salesforce, Google Ads, and over 250 other datasets to generate real-time insights and facilitate interactive decision-making.

Let Generative AI thrive and add rapid decision intelligence with the data platform that does everything for you with unmatched ease, speed, and efficiency.

Success Stories

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    Tacori achieved better order planning and marketing analytics with Google Cortex, Generative AI, and Looker.

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    Lixil implemented Preventive Maintenance Machine Learning Models leveraging Google Cortex, Vertex AI, and Generative AI.

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    Ulta Beauty deployed ML models to accurately predict the delay and quantity of their products using Google Cortex, Vertex AI, and Looker.


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    One Pager

    Transform Decision-making with Generative AI

    From demand to inventory, empower yourself to converse with your data, ask critical questions, and gain actionable insights.

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    Transforming Enterprise Data Management

    Unlock the true value of your enterprise data. Discover Generative AI use cases for supply chain, marketing, and manufacturing teams.

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    Unlock Generative AI potential for SAP Users

    Explore integration of SAP Datasphere with Google Cloud to enhance SAP data in a secure and seamless way.

Enable Generative AI on Your Own Data in 60 Minutes