Transform Your Supply Chain Planning and Marketing Strategies with Google Cloud and SAP Integration

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Activate Your SAP Data for Better Customer Experience

Predict what your customers want. Our decision intelligence platforms combine SAP data with 250+ external signals and ad tech, ensuring you make data-driven decisions to optimize inventory, personalize marketing, and create a frictionless customer experience.


From Ingestion to Insights
in Less than 48 Hours

Siloed data? We hear you. Navigate the VIP lane of data analysis with our decision intelligence platforms. Ingest data from any sources, create a data foundation, and deploy a customizable decision intelligence platform on your cloud, all in less than 48 hours.

Connecting Supply Chain to

Deliver a Flawless Customer Journey from the First Click to the Last Mile.

Demand Sensing
with 250+ Signals

Go beyond traditional sales data by incorporating external factors like weather patterns, news sentiment, and social media trends to generate highly accurate demand forecasts.

Predict Manufacturing

Analyze historical production data and sensor readings to identify potential quality issues before they occur, minimizing waste and delays.


Leverage customer purchase history, demographics, and online behavior to personalize marketing campaigns across channels.

Real-Time Inventory

Monitor inventory levels across warehouses and distribution centers in real-time, automatically triggering restocking orders based on demand forecasts and lead times.

Tangible Outcomes Delivered in 4 Weeks


Improved Accuracy

Customers like Levi’s improved forecast accuracy by 90% in 4 weeks.



Customers like Lixil saved 10-20 million in inventory carry over costs.



Time it takes to get started on your customized platform journey.

Experience the Pluto7 Advantage

One Platform for All Users

Forget siloed dashboards and spreadsheets. Drive seamless collaboration across your IT, data science, and business teams on a single platform. Everyone can access the insights they need to make informed decisions, all within a unified platform.


Enterprise-Scale Gen AI on Your Entire Data Footprint

Go beyond SAP. Pluto7’s decision intelligence platforms combine your SAP data with website behavior, sales info (from CRMs like Salesforce), and even external datasets (weather, social media sentiment). Turn this vast landscape into actionable insights with Gen AI.

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Open, Glassbox Platform

Pluto7’s platforms are built for flexibility. You can tweak and customize the platforms to fit your specific needs, and easily integrate it with existing data and ML investments.


Deployment in
60 Minutes

Unlike traditional integrations that take months, Pluto7 leverages the power of Google Cloud Cortex Framework. This allows you to rapidly bring raw SAP data into BigQuery for analysis in just 60 minutes.

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