Transform Your Supply Chain Planning and Marketing Strategies with Google Cloud and SAP Integration

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Deploy Generative AI Solutions for Fivetran’s Clients in Just 2 hours

Pluto7 + Fivetran: Transform Data Silos into Insights with Generative AI Solutions

In collaboration with Fivetran, Pluto7 leverages the Google Cloud Cortex Framework to offer groundbreaking Generative AI solutions. Our focus: solving challenges across supply chain, marketing, sales, and finance by integrating SAP and Salesforce data.

02 hours

Deploy in 2 hours on the customer's cloud instance

250+ External Signals

Integrates with 250+ External Signals

04 Weeks

Generative AI-powered insights in 4 weeks or less

Data Silos to Decision Intelligence, Powered by Generative AI in 2 hours

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Manage Your Supply Chain in Real-Time and Maximize Profits

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Reduction in Inventory Carryover Costs

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Improvement in Forecast Accuracy

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Improvement in Gross Margins


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Market Guide for Analytics and Decision Intelligence Platforms in Supply Chain

Key Solutions for Your
Supply Chain, Marketing, Sales, and Finance Challenges


Supply Chain Optimization with Generative AI

Utilizing Fivetran’s integration prowess, we seamlessly blend ERP and CRM data with third-party sources like Google Ad tech and Google Trends. The result? Optimized supply chains with enhanced forecasting accuracy and minimized inventory costs


Sales Strategy

Through Fivetran’s integration, we seamlessly combine Salesforce insights with ERP data, enhancing sales strategies to drive increased revenue and improved customer engagement.


Marketing Precision

Leveraging Fivetran’s integration capabilities, we unify vast data sets such as ERP and CRM, blending them with external datasets like Google ad tech, Google Trends, and 250+ external signals to craft nuanced marketing strategies that captivate and convert.


Finance Analytics

Utilizing Fivetran’s integration prowess, we merge internal finance data with market trends, delivering insights that streamline risk management and ensure compliance.

One Data Platform, Infinite Insights


Efficiency Over Manual Sifting

Ditch the grunt work of navigating through raw transaction data. Planning in a Box uses Generative AI to process and interpret this data automatically, removing the need for excessive manual intervention.


Streamlined Communication

No more back-and-forth with stakeholders to clarify and validate data. Generative AI intelligently merges disparate data sets to offer actionable insights, eradicating the need for continuous communication loops.


Seamless Data Aggregation and Interpretation

Our platform seamlessly merges multiple tables and data sets, transforming scattered data into concise, actionable scenarios.


Real-Time Insights

Move beyond static snapshots. With Planning in a Box, benefit from real-time data, informing your decisions as they happen.

Your Data Transformation Journey with Gen AI Starts Here

This isn’t about a quick, off-the-shelf solution. It’s about walking together on a journey from your unique starting point towards a clear vision: real-time inventory visibility. And this isn’t a pipe dream. From the initial workshop to the full-scale rollout, we can deliver actionable intelligence in less than 4 weeks.


Fast. Affordable. ROI-Driven. Gen AI.

Managing the intricacies of data is on us. Your job? Insights and Action, in 2 hours. This is the bold leap you’ve been waiting for. No frills, just results.