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As a double-certified partner of SAP PartnerEdge Silver and Google Cloud, we are uniquely positioned to serve you the best of both worlds. With our expertise in cloud services, analytics, and data structures — plus a deep knowledge of all things SAP — we can help you turn your datasets into invaluable assets.

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Google Cloud Platform Solutions

Discover more than 15 readily available Cloud Cortex-Enabled Data Platform Solutions on GCP, designed for various use cases, including demand forecasting, marketing analytics, predictive analytics, and anomaly detection.

Get actionable insights within 14 days with our AI/ML solutions on Google Cloud

  • Planning in a box

    Planning in a Box helps bring end-to-end visibility to the supply chain, accessing real-time planning and collaboration with all the stakeholders involved.

  • Demand ML

    Are you having a hard time figuring out what changed in your forecast? We got you covered! Pluto7’s AI-Driven demand forecasting solution identifies those forecast items that have a significant deviation and can cause potential problems in your supply chain.

Discover more AI/ML tools that are ready for deployment on Google Cloud

  • Value Chain ML

    Value Chain ML is a comprehensive demand & supply planning solution that runs completely on Google Cloud Platform.

  • Supply ML

    Supply ML is a Machine Learning solution applied to one particular node of the Supply Chain.

  • Pricing ML

    Pricing ML is a Machine Learning solution applied to forecast the selling price of a product.

  • Sales ML

    The Sales ML solution from Pluto7 is a predictive churn model that extrapolates the number of customers who left service during a given time period.

  • Marketing ML

    Pluto7 Marketing ML solution can maximise your marketing performance and create the best customer experience.

  • Preventive maintenance ML

    This solution provides predictive capability to forecast failure and determine remaining useful life.

  • Returns ML

    Returns ML lets you deploy scalable AI-driven solution which will analyze your customer behaviour on shopping and returning of products, based on the analysis helps you in predicting a product is return is genuine or not.

  • Sentiment ML

    When a product in an ecommerce site is having many reviews, then sentiment analysis plays an important role where it helps to understand the overall review of a particular product without going through the review of each customer.

Connect the dots between planning and execution - leverage the transformative power of AI & ML on Google Cloud today!