Transform Your Supply Chain Planning and Marketing Strategies with Google Cloud and SAP Integration

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Real-Time, Actionable Planning Insights at your Fingertips

As a double-certified partner of SAP PartnerEdge Silver and Google Cloud, we are uniquely positioned to serve you the best of both worlds. With our expertise in cloud services, analytics, and data structures — plus a deep knowledge of all things SAP — we can help you turn your datasets into invaluable assets.

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Google Cloud
Cortex-Enabled Platform

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Leverage Google Adtech Datasets
for Marketing Analytics

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SAP Silver Partner Status in
the PartnerEdge Program

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SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP)

Unlock the hidden potential of your SAP Data effortlessly with a single click. Optimize inventory by combing Google Adtech with your Supply Chain Data, gain deeper consumer insights and more…

Accelerate your SAP Data Transformation with Industry-Focused Solutions

Unleash the power of your data and take advantage of Pluto7’s AI & ML Solutions to transform traditional Supply Chain, Manufacturing & Marketing approaches - unlock unique use cases with measured results.


With our Cortex-Enabled SAP-Focused Solutions,
Expect Measurable Outcomes in 14 Days (or Less)

Optimize inventory by combing Google Adtech with your Supply Chain Data


Demand Forecasting

Accurately predict short-term and mid-term demands and understand emerging market signals.


Order Fulfillment

Identify potential issues and areas for optimization with a 360° view of delivery performance status including open orders, order cycle time, and on-time delivery in full.


Demand Sensing Alerts

Predict potential impacts on demand plans (e.g. trends, weather, and more).


Inventory Positioning

Minimize waste and reduce inventory carrying costs across warehouses and distributors.


Supplier Performance

Improve efficiency by comprehensively analyzing the delivery performance, quality, accuracy, and unit costs of your suppliers.

Discover Better
Marketing and Sales Insights with SAP & Salesforce


Leads Capture & Conversion

Understand leads generated from marketing activities, current status, and how quickly sales are converting to opportunities.


Sales Activities & Engagement

Highlight leads and opportunities which need immediate follow-up and understand overall engagement trends across sales.


Discover new Customer Insights

Leverage Google Adtech data and other external insights to gain deeper understanding of your customers.


Opportunity Trends & Pipeline

Identify open opportunities and their current stage, which are likely to close, and how well sales teams are converting to wins.


Order-to-Cash Sales Performance

Get trend analyses of sales performance by critical drivers like product, brand, category, and more.

Boost Manufacturing
Efficiency with Insights-Driven Decisions


Factory Automation

Harness the power of AI & ML to optimize and automate manufacturing processes.


Predictive Maintenance

Use AI to easily sort through sensor data of a manufacturing machine and pick out outliers in the data that clearly indicate that the machine will require maintenance in the next several weeks.


Production Planning

Adapt to changing market demands in real-time and optimize production capacity and resource allocation with data-driven insights.

Not just tools, empower your teams with decision intelligence

Our Cloud-Cortex-enabled data platform delivers the breakthrough insights your business needs and the watertight control your enterprise data architecture demands.

  • Leverage Google’s Adtech datasets to gain laser-sharp customer insights.
  • Get real-time insights, alerts, and recommendations for supply chain, marketing, and sales optimization.
  • Create a data-driven transformation roadmap with phased releases and MVPs that can be rolled out within weeks, with a clear strategy and vision, using our platform capabilities.
  • Automatically ingest streaming data from your transactions systems to your factories/stores/distribution centers, and make it immediately ready to query.
  • Rapidly build and deploy AI/ML tools tailored to your business’s unique needs.
  • Put your data management on autopilot with our stringent data governance and security framework.
  • Unify, manage, and govern different data types for business-relevant use cases aligned with your data transformation vision.
  • Uncover unprecedented insights into your SAP and Salesforce data.

Maximize the potential of your SAP data - leverage innovation to get ahead of your competition