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Harness the synergy of 250+ external datasets with our GenAI Decision Intelligence Platform for real-time insights. Elevate your supply chain foresight, streamline inventories, align suppliers with production capacity, and seize new opportunities—transforming customer service and profitability sustainably.

Google Cloud Cortex-Enabled Data Platform

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Deploy in 2 hours on your cloud instance

250+ External Signals

Integrates with 250+ External Signals

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Generative AI-powered insights in 4 weeks or less

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GenAI-Powered Decision Intelligence for Manufacturing Industry

  • Empower all stakeholders—operators, maintenance crews, suppliers—with self-service tools to access critical data. Rapidly identify defects and address them in real-time, drastically reducing unplanned downtime.
  • Seamless visibility across your manufacturing ecosystem by integrating diverse systems—ranging from sensors and controllers to SCADA, MES, and ERP.
  • Operational efficiency at every level—from individual machines to entire production lines and plants. Increase Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) and expedite actionable insights with Generative AI.
  • Manage and optimize inventory levels effectively, reducing waste and enhancing sustainability across the supply chain.

From Production to Profit: Unlock Infinite Possibilities with Generative AI

We work with customers across Household, Beauty, Cosmetic, and Personal Care Product Manufacturing, and beyond, helping them become industry leaders through innovative supply chain and marketing strategies.

Route and Logistics


Discover the fastest, most cost-efficient routes for point-to-point travel and streamline multi-stop routes for peak efficiency. Run what-if scenarios to prepare for the unforeseen.

Inventory Management &


Enhance visibility across your supply chain, ensuring optimal inventory levels, warehouse optimization, and waste reduction.

Demand Forecasting


Utilize AI, Generative AI to predict demand patterns, optimizing resources, production schedule, and maximizing revenue opportunities.



Anticipate and prevent downtime, detect defects. Leverage advanced analytics and Generative AI for timely, cost-effective machinery upkeep.

Supplier Performance


Apply precision to procurement. Analyze vendor performance using key metrics like OTD and quality control standards, pinpointing gaps and bolstering supply chain robustness.

Product Catalog /
Image Generation


Seamlessly translate product specifications into tangible prototypes, fostering innovation and diversification in your manufacturing portfolio.


Empowered Lixil to Achieve their Vision of Quality Household Products


Lixil, a renowned market leader in the plumbing fixtures industry, dramatically reduced its defect rates and saved millions of dollars, achieving a new standard in manufacturing efficiency. By partnering with us, they utilized AI/ML, Generative AI insights to identify and adjust critical production factors. This not only boosted product quality but also reinforced their commitment to excellence in home solutions.

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Analytics and AI, Gen AI Capabilities

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    Pluto7 helped Levis Strauss & Co., an American clothing brand to accurately predict the product dimensions by 90%

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