Pluto7 was founded on the belief that new technology should be harnessed to foster the success of our clients.

The evolution of Analytics has had significant impact on the ability to achieve business transformation. The combination of cloud saas architecture coupled with the ability to harness artificial intelligence and machine learning models to build self-learning algorithms provide the opportunity to drive business productivity in a manner that is not possible with the traditional analytics based on human defined rules that cannot keep pace with the change in business.

An experienced team of Industry, Domain, AI-ML and Technology experts

We bring in insights, innovation, industry best practices so that each customer experiences the consistency in results delivered.

Global scale and agility

In today’s global internet connected socially oriented world data is flowing from many disparate and diverse sources and at a very rapid rate. Examples are emails, system logs, webpages, customer transcripts, documents, slides, informal chats and an exploding volume of rich media like HD images and videos.

Today’s consumer is very demanding in terms of the overall customer experience that they demand. This fact has been well understood and exploited by the successful B2C enterprises such as industry leaders like Amazon, Walmart and others.

Their is a tremendous amount of useful info for B2B enterprises that is available in all this data that is being generated that can be leveraged for improving the way the enterprise can forecast sales, run their operation and drive their supply chains and provide customer service.

The traditional analytics no longer can help enterprises since the human derived rate base algorithms become aged within no time and no longer can be effective in providing right insights. The limitation can be overcome by leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions.

Our expertise: Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Pluto7 has experts whose combined expertise span hundreds of years of leveraging multiple technologies, several analytical approaches and methodologies with helping large enterprises achieve significant business transformation across the value chain. Based on our experience of having successfully worked in implementing Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence based solutions we highly recommend the crawl, walk and run approach for those organizations desiring to implement such solutions.

A Legacy of Innovation

We provide business transformational solutions for high-tech companies leveraging advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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The Pluto7 team is home to industry leaders who uphold our commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability.

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