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Pluto7 and Google Cloud helped DxTerity, a leading Genomics Company, diagnose diseases more effectively and recommended the best treatments for patients with immune-mediated diseases

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Improving disease diagnosis and improving the accuracy of line of treatment.


The client is a patient-centric biotech company leveraging the power of real-world genomics research and at home RNA monitoring to improve the management of immune-mediated diseases. The company is increasing the efficiency of clinical study while helping patients manage diseases such as autoimmune diseases and cancer to provide a more complete picture of their overall health. This bio-tech company works with patients, providers, advocacy groups, and researchers to manage and treat diseases.

Why We Chose Pluto7

The client chose Google Cloud Platform for its speed and scalability. They needed Big Data Warehousing capabilities for the amount of data they wanted to analyze. The bio-tech company sought after a partner that not only had the Google Cloud expertise, but also the ability to come alongside them and solve complex problems with healthcare data using Advanced Analytics. They partnered with Pluto7 to co-create a solution. 


Our customer needed to collect, process, and transform their data from multiple formats into Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standard in order to analyze the data and gain meaningful insights in a timely manner. Pluto7 understood the client’s needs and objectives to help them leverage Google Cloud Platform. Pluto7 provided its research team with a scalable data transformation engine and data foundation. 

The sensitive clinical trial data, patient records, and genomics analytics data were transformed to be Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources compliant on Google Cloud. Pluto7 also harmonized and normalized the transformed information with advanced analytics to turn it into meaningful insights. The client now has prognostic, diagnostic, and prescriptive predictions and recommendations related to their patients’ overall health and treatment plan. 


The client’s big data warehousing needs were met with Google Cloud. Pluto7 transformed their clinical trial data, patient records, and genomics analytics data into FHIR standard format. Pluto7 provided a scalable data transformation engine and provided the client with advanced analytics. They now have prognostic, diagnostic, and prescriptive predictions at scale and in almost real time. The data can now be processed in 3 hours instead of 210 hours per analysis. Finally, the results of the analysis allow the client to gain actionable insights they never had before. This biotech leader can predict the likely outcome of a disease, diagnose diseases more effectively, and recommended actions for patients with immune-mediated diseases.  


Enable Decision Intelligence Into Every Corner Of Your Product And Operations.

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Industry High-tech| Healthcare

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  • Process huge data sets at scale with speed
  • Transform data from multiple formats into FHIR standards.
  • Gain meaningful and actionable insights for prognostic, diagnostic, and prescriptive predictions.


  • Process data in 3 hours instead of 210 hours per analysis
  • The results of the analysis are done at scale instead of being sequential
  • Real-time prognostic, diagnostic, and prescriptive predictions

Products Used

  • Google Cloud Healthcare API
  • Google BigQuery
  • Google App Engine (GAE)
  • Google Compute Engine (GCE)
  • Google Cloud Dataflow
  • Google Cloud Storage (GCS)
  • Google Cloud IAP & IAM